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Re:  The Wrongfully Imprisoned

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It has been estimated that more than 15% (possibly 20%) of those in prison are innocent.  Many are convicted because of incompetent council.  Many are framed by the police and/or prosecutors.  In many cases the judges and defense attorneys are involved in the wrongful convictions.

These percentages also carry though to death row prisoners and those who have been executed.

What is needed?

1.    An investigation by the F.B.I. into all cases where there is a chance that evidence was tampered with, fabricated and\or concealed in order to convict the innocent person.
2.    Investigation into cases where collusion between the police, prosecutors, defense attorneys and/or judges in order to convict a person who is or maybe innocent.
3.    Legislation to make these cases (items 1 and 2) Federal Crimes with suggested sentences that will make the perpetrators of these crimes serve as much or more time in prison and those who they had wrongfully convicted.
4.    Upon the presentation of evidence and determination that a wrongful conviction may have occurred and new trial will be carried out in the Federal courts if the case was originally on the state or a different Federal judge and prosecutor if it was a Federal case and those who were involved will be investigated and  prosecuted.
5.    The wrongfully convicted person shall be allowed to sue the parties involved, including the Government agency, for wrongful prosecution and for monetary damages to be determined by a jury, including attorney’s fees, loss of income and mental anguish. 
6.    Since the wrongfully convicted are mostly minorities and poor whites the civil rights laws should apply.  Civil rights are being denied to the minorities and/or the poor because they are minorities and/or poor.  Their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being denied.

These wrongful convictions are a not only a miscarriage of justice but also a disgrace to our American Justice System.  There is a lot of money made from the corruption in our justice system and our prison system.  A full scale investigation of the system is not only warranted but it is imperative to make the system truly a justice system instead of an injustice system. 

(If you have a friend or loved one who is among the wrongfully convicted add a case summary and note that more information is available.  If some of those responsible have been accused of fixing cases name them and what they were accused or convicted of.  If there is a web site, show the URL here also.)

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