Poetry from Prisoners' Wives

The following poems were written by who is the wife of a prisoner.  I think it tells us how beautiful the wives are who stand by their man.

Sonia Cubero

Love Does Wait...

Love struck at 40 and was never too late,
They've taken him away from me, now he is upstate,
My man is incarcerated, please don't hate,
How can I survive this long wait?
He is not only my sweetheart, he is my soul mate,
I'm expressing my heart and I'm not fake,
People don't understand they think I'm bait,
Loving a man without a future to create!
I have faith in God and in my mate,
God will keep us together and won't hesitate,
So, you wonder how can I be so vague?
To think a man incarcerated can change his fate?
This is our Love and is not up for debate!
Let's get that straight!

Audrey Morse

On the day we met, my heart stood still,
I never questioned why,
All I could do is close my eyes and think of you,
And let out a gentle sigh.
That gentle sigh was a sure sign,
Of the contentment that I had found,
The deep and abiding love,
That always made my heart pound.
And every time I heard your voice,
It would beat wildly in my chest,
Because in you, I knew I had found,
A love that was the best.
Even though some time has passed,
You always have that effect,
And when I'm not in the safety of your arms,
I'm basically a wreck.
Your love is my rock, my strength,
That gets me through each day,
I just wanted to let you know how I feel,
In my own little way.
So as I fall asleep each night,
I think of you and sigh,
Knowing your love will get me through,
Because you are always by my side.

This is another poem by Audrey called Pain because of the pain she was enduring at the time:

Pain-filled tears,
Roll down my cheek,
Vulnerable to the elements,
Feeling so weak.
Feeling your pain,
Frustrations too,
Overwhelming emotions,
Feeling so blue.
Can't fight the tears,
That threaten to spill,
Asking the question,
Is this God's will?
If this is so,
Then I'll try to be strong,
Preparing for what's next,
As we go along.
We will walk hand in hand,
Be joined heart to heart,
We'll do it together,
We'll never part.

This is another one of Audreys:

You in your prison,
And me in mine,
The only thing that helps us thru,
Is our love so divine.
It helps us to deal,
With all that we must,
Through our faith, our love,
And definitely our trust.
All that we go through,
Helps make us stronger and more in love,
It gets us through the rough times,
When push comes to shove.
The worst part of all,
Is the look in your eyes,
At the end of our visiting,
When we must say our goodbyes.
But through it all,
We will survive it together,
Our love growing deeper and stronger,
To live happily ever after, forever and ever.

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