The Police vs. The Media vs. The Street

Who has the truth?

I have spent a lot of time in the streets.  Many crimes have 2 stories.  One is what you get from the news media and the injustice system and what you hear on the streets.  In many cases the truth is in between and in many other cases the truth is the street version.  In the near future I will have an essay on this site that will give you a some examples that I know about.  Jermont and others when they tell you their stories their side is what is heard in the streets.  They know who really committed the crime that they have been convicted of but they do not have the money to prove it and in many cases the police and prosecutors know who the real killer is too.

What the jury hears in the trial in many cases has nothing to do with the truth or it is the twisted truth.  Things are not said that would clear the accused even though in many cases the prosecutor and the defense attorneys know that the accused is innocent.

I have heard that judges always take the word of the police even if there words are lies.  I had a lady friend who went to court on a trumped up charge.  The police were lying through their teeth.   The judge said she was guilty and she got 1 year probation and at the end of the year the record was expunged...  She found out that the judge knew she was innocent but went along with the police and let her off "easy" and she has no record.

An ex girl friends brother was busted by the cops.  He was on lifetime probation for a drug offense.  He had $340.00 on him for paying the phone and utilities.  In court only one cop showed up, I think the other one did not want to commit perjury. The police frisked him and put him in back of their car.   At the police station they said that when he got out of the car an eight ball (crack) fell out of his pocket.  (Remember that he was frisked.  This was the cop's testimony.)  He also said that he had $240.00 on him from selling drugs.  (What happened to the other $100.00?)

The judge violated his probation and sent him to prison for 3 years.  The good thing is that after the 3 years the judge said he was even and was a free man. (Probably a guilty conscience.)  

I can normally tell when a person is lying by looking into their eyes and watching their body language.  I could see that the cop was lying through his teeth and from the look on the judge’s face I knew that he knew.

I do not want you to think that I think that all cops are bad.  Most are of those I run into are good.  There are still many bad cops.

In 1989 or 90 there was a gun battle between police and a family at a suburban motel.  Two police were killed.  The mother and three brothers went to prison.  I am not going to say that the family was innocent.  They did kill the officers.  The news media said that they were con artists.  The police were arresting the mother for a bad check.  The story according to the police and the paper the officer took the mother hand to handcuff her and the brothers came out with their guns and started shooting...

I was called by a reporter because my card was found in the room.  They did not like my story.  These people were not con artists. They contacted me before their down fall.  They were a black family and they were trying to set up a black owned mortgage company.  They were being watched by the FBI and the banks were against them.  I met the head of a large mortgage company that was helping them set up.  I saw letters from prominent people in the area and a letter from a large labor union that would invest the money (A very large amount) to fund the company.

Suddenly I did not hear from them.  I called and was told that the deal was off and the next I heard they were in a shoot out with the police.  The banks won, two police officers and the family lost.

The news media did not want to hear the truth.  They were concerned with making sure that what they wanted the public to know not what the truth was.

A few years later I was in the streets near where it happened. There I got the street version of the story.  Normally if their are three different versions the story the street version has the most truth.  According to the streets before the police came they were told that there was a contract out on the mother and the hit men were cops.  When the cops came they thought they were the hit men.  When the cop grabbed the mother they thought they preventing the hit by shooting him.  

People I have known on the streets have been killed.  No one really cared because they were the invisible society.  In many cases the killers were never caught because no one cared.  I would know based on the grape vine but the grapevine is not admissible as evidence.  When the police want to solve a crime where do they go?  They go to the streets and read the grape vine.

Many of the cases of the people in prison that I have been corresponding with I see where the truth is in the streets but in their case the police are not listening to the streets. The do not care because it is easier or more profitable to convict the wrong person for the crime.  In many cases they figure they can get the right guy later when he kills someone else.  I would imagine that in some cases the one who is guilty buys his way out.

There are cases where the family of a girl friend will frame her boyfriend for a crime so that he is out of the way.  There is a man on death row because he is black and his girlfriend was white. Her brother killed two people and framed him.  I know that the streets know the truth.  Just to make the death penalty available they had a witness who said she saw the boyfriend murder someone three years before.  What did not come out in the trial is that she said she saw it through his eyes.  What did not come out in the trial was that she was mentally ill and saw things that were not there.  He was never arrested or tried for the murder. I doubt that it ever happened.

It should be noted however that when the street people testify they do not always tell the truth.  In many if not most cases they are testifying for the prosecutor saying what the prosecutor told them to say.  You have to ask what they are getting in return for their testimony.  If it is keeping them out of jail to testify what they say should be ignored by the jury because they are there to save their butt.

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