Juvenile Prison Reform

Frank D. Woodruff

Who is Frank D. Woodruff ???

Well for one thing he’s a Conservative. At one time an Ultra Conservative having voted for Goldwater for President and attended two John Birch Society meetings. I think that I was impressed by the wealth of some of those people back in sixties. So what am I now? I swing some where between being a conservative and a Liberal. In other words a Republican with Liberal idea’s.

I’m a Navy Veteran of Korea and was in Inchon, Korea shortly after MacArthur landed his troops there. I have four Battle Stars.

In the latter part of the fifties and going into the sixties I took up a lot of courses in night school. I finished and got my High School diploma. From there I went into an electronics class in Junior College studying amateur radio. I have also carried courses in electronics, electricity, Law in the home and Industry, Data processing and even studied Mesmerism, but not in Junior College. In my later years I had classes in Solid state electronics. pneumatic control, Ultra Sonics, advanced Industrial Computer Control and an array of other courses to numerous to remember at my age.

While living in California I served on the Leonard Firestone Federal Grand Jury 1963 - 64 and also served as Adult leader in scouting. I retired, in Missouri, from a large company as I/E Supervisor (Electronical and Instrumentation). I have done a lot of traveling having an area to cover from the Gulf to Canada, from the east coast to Colorado. I enjoyed my work. I am now retired.

I first became interested in juvenile’s in Prison when a state sentenced three boys to prison to be executed for killing a young girl. To say the least I was shocked. I ask a friend of mine about it and he came back with they had changed the sentence to life.

That was in the Eighties and I never got back to it until the Columbine High School slaughter. That drew my attention fast. It also kept my attention when the other High School kids started their killings also. The first thing that came to my mind and I’m sure that it did to other Adults was, “What the Hell is going on”??

First I started checking out each story about each school killings. All of them deserved what they got however there were some that were abused in one form or another and one could say that they retaliated in self defense. Some were just brain washed and thru coercion and threat’s were forced into doing what they did out of fear. In North Korea they call this Brain Washing.

These kids were all sentenced to an Adult prison to be served after they were old enough. To sentence a young boy to an Adult prison, that I couldn’t do. I just don’t know why anybody would make a LAW such as that. It’s just not Logical. Those young kids would be prime for rape. After a time they would become animals. This is what you would have released to the street a few years from now, just in time for your kids to be come of age. The streets would become jungles where to strongest survive. They call that dog eat dog and with reason. Your kids would have to take up a survival course just to survive.

I gave the program, that’s on the first page that I wrote up, some thought and it would have to be just a beginning of the large picture on Juvenile and Adult prison reform which I shall go into in a later letter. To me Six million people, by a Federal report that I have, in Prison is just to much. That’s like taking all the men, woman and children in Missouri and most of the men, woman and children of Kansas and throwing them into prison. That scares the Hell out of me. I wonder who’s next.

But I’ll just keep pounding away for my town/Farm program as there is nothing else out there worth it. All those kids won’t be able to go into such a program as Town/Farm and other programs similar but not identical to it will have to be made up.


Frank D. Woodruff

Who is Frank D. Woodruff ???

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