The Persecution of Wayne Hays

By the Alabama Powers That Be

This is what your City can do for you.

I really want top know how do you handle this kind of thing.  I mean damn I don’t know what else to do I have tried to get justice through the legal system but like you they just seem to do as they please around here and twice I have been injured by them on this last time they have ended my career I can no longer drive a truck because of what they have done to my back.  I hurt every single day and sometimes feel like the only way to get any justice is to load up my six guns and take out the bastards but if I did there would be innocent people that would get caught in the cross fire and if any of them was to get hurt I would be no better than the bastards have hurt me and my family and their business plus being scared to death that every time I walk out of the house they are gonna pull me over and try to set me up again by planting some drugs in my car or worse jumping me and forcing me to defend my self where surely they or myself will be killed  I reckon.   

The reason I’m writing you is that you have been where I am now and I am really having a hard time dealing with all this my nerves are shot and I don’t know how much more I can take if you can give me any advice I would be grateful

I had a lawyer for this case but all he did was get the case dropped. I said, “but what about at least my medical bills paid for this was a very painful injury it damaged a tendon in my hand and the doc had to put in a shot to get it to heal but I was in a fog for about 4
weeks I missed time from work and everything.”

The lawyer said, “What the hell do you expect me to do they have a statue of Stalin [the Russian dictator] in the court house.

This was the last I saw of him he wouldn’t return my calls or nothing.  now the same officer that done this to me was supposed to have been ordered to stay away from me and my family but that didn’t happen because the court let the same group of thugs have another bogus warrant put out for me.  Again I was back in court with another lawyer who didn’t do his job like he should have but they dropped the charges again but they
put me on probation for 6 months which was their plan because the judge said and I
quote I am going to give him a day for every witness he brings to court.  My lawyer said I have about 20 witnesses to prove my innocence so the judge without even hearing the case found me guilty before.   

I even went before him in court at least this lawyer told me they are out to get me and not to go anywhere without a witness with me.  I did one better I went nowhere except home and my families business so that they couldn’t find me out anywhere. This didn’t work this group of thugs that are being protected by the cops and being put up to this by the cops came to my house and did vandalism to my house and to the family business.  One night they drove through my yard almost hitting my mom and did some damage to their vehicle.   The magistrate would not give my mom a warrant for reckless endangerment.

Oh these people by the way the magistrate is the wife of the officer who assaulted me I didn’t find this out till several months of trying to get the legal system to help me and keep these people away from me and my family.  Well somehow they gave the ones that had the wreck in my front yard a warrant for me so the same officer and another came to
arrest me at my families business.  Now they knew that the charges wouldn’t be enough for me to get convicted of breaking my probation so they both jumped on me and
assaulted me.  They said I was resisting arrest so that they could get me in jail so they could really rough me up.  Well this was the straw that broke the camels back. The doctors say I had a nervous break down and they seen all the bruises that were from the result of the attack from these 2 officers but all that didn’t matter.  My parents tried to contact the federal people for some help because my life was threaten and that they
were going to fix me good in jail but they didn’t do a damn thing to help me.  

Again my lawyer didn’t do a damn thing to stop this injustice the judge had me convicted
before I even went before him AGAIN and so I spent 20 days in jail.  They did exactly what they promised, they video taped me while they were giving me a strip search as if that wasn’t humiliating enough.  Then they video taped them throwing me in the floor naked and torturing me by seeing how far they could stretch my arms behind my back and over my head  while bouncing on my lower back.  In the process injured my back so bad that I couldn’t feel my legs they were numb then they threw me in a cell and stood out side and laughed and cussed and threatened me more. For three days I could feel my legs and they did not give me any medical attention, just more harassment from them.  Even the judge stopped by and harassed me in my cell.  

I appealed they case to county court but still I had to take a deal they offered me just to keep me out of jail because the new lawyer I got told me it was a 50/50 chance that I could win.  If I lost they would get me for another 6 months and after the 20 days I spent with them I got the message loud and clear.   What was in store for me if I pursued this so now here I am injured cant work in constant pain and my career as a truck driver is gone
As for a lawyer well I cant find anyone who will go up against the mafia style politics that run this town.  

One lawyer said there wasn’t enough money for him to fool with it and another one said he doesn’t have to work that hard for his money.  I don’t give a damn about the money I just want justice.  I want my name cleared and my reputation restored.   I want the ones who have hurt me and have denied me of my rights to be held accountable for their actions.  I don’t think that is going to happen and I am waiting for them to start again because the harassment hasn’t stopped and I am waiting for them to come up with another false warrant.  Their patterns are about the same after they get me into the court system then back off, then when the case is over with in 3 or 4 months they do it again so it is about time for them to start in again.

I don’t think I can stand by anymore and let it happen it was the hardest thing I have ever done not fight back and to do what the lawyers told me to do no resist but I don’t think I can do that any more I’m afraid that when these officer come for me again I’m going to
have to shoot it out with them cause I ain’t going down without a fight any more.  Despite this medication they have me on I still can’t just stand there anymore. I am going
to have to defend myself but I know when I do either they are going to kill me or they will have me for murder of a sorry no good piece of shit cop.  Either way they win but I don’t know what else to do.
I have plenty of video tapes of what they have been doing to me but nobody seems to care about helping me find justice
I didn’t spend years in prison just 20 days in a local jail where they tormented and tortured me but prison is the goal, I’m sure of it because they tried using a new law that was going to give me 5 years minimum.  I have video tapes and other pictures that these cronies are really trying to get a hold of.  They have even tried impersonating a FBI agent to get a hold of them so I am really scared about what they are going to do next.  How do you deal
with it all?   I am like a prisoner around here I am afraid to even leave the house and when I do every time I see a police car its like I just want to freak out or something.   It is really hard to explain how it feels but my doctor told me it is a panic attack even though they have me on medication for it.  

It really doesn’t help a whole lot not to mention the pain from the injury that they caused me when they were torturing me in jail my hand healed it took a painful shot and several months because of the tendon damage but this latest injury (well 1 year old) injury doesn’t seem to be healing anytime soon and is looking like I’ll never get back to work.  I don’t think I could have handled if they put me in prison like they did you, the local jail was bad enough but prison I would have never made it through it. I can’t seem to find a lawyer that wants to buck these politicians around here such as representative little and the fellers and some others I know have to be behind all this too but can’t seem to find out who they are.  Any help anyone can give me plus if you know any lawyers that can help me I would be very interested there aren’t any around here that want to go up against these mafia style politicians

Wayne Hays

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