Wali Shikur-Bey

A father in prison is kept from his family because of false accusations.


I have attached a file sent to me by  hashena shikur-bey of letters pleading for their family visits to be reinstated and for the husband to be transferred closer to his family in Kansas. This is a case that is truly unfair, especially to deprive the father completely, of family interaction under false accusations. If you can add this case to your website, they  would be very appreciative. Perhaps, this should even go into the books/papers/etc. at some point in time. This man has been in prison for twenty years without incident of this sort and one guard, apparently has it in for him.  They have tried everything to no avail. 
In the struggle


Fr: Tamiko M. Shikur-Bey
Wesleyan Court
Cameron, Missouri. 64429.
Phone No. (816) 632-2684

April 7, 2004.

To: Zone Director Mr. Clements

                                                   SUBJECT; Sexual MisconductAppeal

Dear Mr. Clements,

My name is Mrs. Tamiko M. Shikur-Bey, I am writing this letter in regard to a violation that my husband Wali Shikur-Bey aka Craig Jones # 156937, he is confined at (Crossroads
Corr. Center). Housing Unit 5-D-261.

On February 5, 2004. My husband called home an inform that he received a conduct violation for rule 15 Sexual Misconduct, on this date neither I or my husband broke any rules at (C.R.C.C.) the violation that was given to him is bogus. The Correctional Officer who wrote my husband up was being rude and  disrespectful to me and him while our visit was taking place, and this is merely a vindictive move towards me and him. Out of  the 4 years I've been coming to (C.R.C.C.) institution to visit my husband I have never broken any rules, so why on this date would I decide to?  It doesn't make sense.
My.Appeal will consist of the following evidence that my husband has filed with the institution at (C.R.C.C.), I am presenting it the same as he place inside his (IRR), in which they denied it for unknown reason, because they never answer the body of the conduct violation, but instead they answer by saying none of his due process where violated. I am sending copies of everything we have filed, and it will refute what this C/O 1 w. Garner has written inside his violation.
Mr. Clements please take notice to the time frame this Correctional Officer 1 W. Garner said this "Sexual Misconduct" was suppose to have taken place, he said that it happen at 1:47 p.m., also note that this C/O 1 W~ Garner does not come into work until 3:00 p.m., so how could he be there?  An hour 13 minutes ahead of schedule. Also please take note of the first two lines in my husband's violation,  it reads like this, ON THE ABOVE DATE AND APPROXIMATE TIME I W. GABBER C/O 1 REVIEWED THE VIDEO SURVEILLANCE TAPE FOR VISITING AND OBSERVED TIlE FOLLOWING",  now if this all occurred when this officer stated why wasn't our visit terminated?  There was 5 Correctional Officer inside the bubble area in which they all was looking at the Camera and no one approached us saying any such thing.
Now I called up to (C.R.C.C.) and spoke with his case/worker Mrs. H. Townsend and ask her if I could review the video tape and she deny me this right, but later on I found out that another visitor was permitted  to view the video tape.  Yes my husband had the opportunity to see the tape and he told me that it did not show us engaged in any wrong doing.

Mr. Clements I also would like to know why I was not permitted to visit my husband the following  day February 6, 2004.  I was turned away from the visiting area, they told me I was no longer on his approved visiting list. Was he found guilty right then there?  I thought their was policy an procedure that he must have to go through before he is found guilty.  Yes he was team February 13, 2004. So why was I denied the visit? They didn't even offer us a non-contact visit, they were just very rude and said it came from the Supt. But when I ask for them to give me some type of proof they could not provide me with this information, so then I knew something wasn't right.

 I have try to contact different people to answer the question that I have put forth and no one has given me a straight answer. Everyone has givien me the run around. So I pray that you will hear my plea, and will over rule this conduct violation against my husband, and I be permitted back on his visiting list. We have 4 childrenthat are also suffering from this action that we are going through.

He has no other family that would bring his children to see him, so why are we being punish?

So I hope you will assist us. Thank you very much.


Mrs. Tamiko  M. Shikur-Bey




I am writing in the manner of a violation I received August 25, 2004. Fran c/o 1 W. Garner for sexual misconduct, please note this is the second time I've receive a violation in this magnitude from this same c/o, he has made ~ his prime candidate for his torment an torture. I have never ever given this officer any problem what-so-ever since  I've been in the dept. of corrections for the past 20 years an .. received a sexual misconduct or any type ofviolation in this magnitune, but for some apparent reason this officer has taken it upon hinself to single  me out from the rest. I received a conduct violation fran c/o 1. Garner on Feb. 5, 2004. for sexual misconduct, I was place on 6 IIDIlth no visit with my wife and children. Now I have recieved another violation for sexual misconduct on Aug. 25 2004. Now this was suppose to have occurred Aug. 20, 2004. but was delayed  because he did not  review the video surveillance camera until Aug. 23, 2004. but he didn't cane with the violation until Aug. 25 2004. 2 days' later after he has had the chance to review the tape, now my question is this why didn't he bring the violation after he reviewed  it.  The waited two days later before interviewing me on it. That's the question that doesn't sit clearly with me!


Sir what I'm being accuse of doing is false, I was merely scratching my leg with my left hand, because this c/o took it upon himself to say I was rubbing my groin area for approximate 20 seconds, if you will review this tape you will be able to determinant that i was merely scratching my legs, so their was not no perverted going on with me, I was merely scratching my left leg, but I am made out to be some  type of pervert freak!  So yes I'm resisting being placed  into that type of caliber of person, I've worked around many of the staffs males an females and never had this problem since I' ve been confined to (D.O.C.).  If you will look at my record then it will be self explainable of my character of being a man and stand up human being!


Sir I would like to bring this to your attention, I feel strongly this is retaliation  from  this correction officer against me for filing (IRR & Grievance) against him for the last violation he wrote me up for. Please look at this c/o pattern against me, then look how he is the same c/o who wrote me up the first time. He has a vengeance for me and my family, because when he attacked me,  he is also attacking my wife and children, because they will be effected by the decision made by the (DHO).


Sir I would also want to make mention of something  concerning my violation.  I received, the correctional officers -c11 didn't  state-why this violation was held up until Aug. 25, 2004.  Sir My reason are very simply I am asking that this bogus violation be dismissed  against me, and I would like for this correction officer to be investigated for the  racial profiling he is doirig hear at Crossroads Correction Center.


I pray that this will be taken serious and looked over carefully.  My allegation to be look into very carefully. And I hope there  will not be anymore  retaliation on me for the letters I'm writing, because I know if I make too much noise I can be subject to be transfer to other correction facility that's further from my wife and children  so I pray that this will not cause me any further hardship.

Thank  you very much for hearing my letter out an I hope you will get right: back at me on the conclusion of your investigation.



Wali Shikur-.Bey / Craig Jones #156937

Crossroads Corr. Center



To whom it may concern,


My name is Wali Shikur Bey A.K.A Craig Jones #156937.  l'm an offender in the Missouri Department Of Corrections. I'm writing in the manner of inter-state-compact to Kansas Department Of Correction Center.My reason for making this request is first my wife Hashena Shikur Bey has chronic Asthma, an my mother-in law is a Diabetic both who's health is deteriorating. My wife is the only person who can see after herself, and her ill mother, she is also looking after her grandfather who now needs special attention, so by her moving to Kansas the trip will be a strain, an very costly on her to see after me, in Missouri. 


She will also be  taking care of our two daughters. So this transition will effect my relationship with my wife and children to be a husband and  father. Behind these Bars is already hard to maintain. Now I have two grandchildren that are a big part of my life and all this I would lose if I do not receive this transfer for inter-state-compact. So what I'm requesting is a "Hardship transfer".  My wife and  her family are the only family I have. I'm a person with no family who cares if I live or die. 


My biological mother is also in the Missouri Department Of Correction. So my family is with my wife,and children as well as the rest of her family! My wife is now in Kansas City, Kansas ,so I'm requesting to be transferred to Lansing Corr.Center, that would be closer for her to drive and visit me. I'm serving a "Life Sentence" Without the Possibility of Probation or Parole for 50 years. I have completed 20 years of my sentence. I'm praying that my inter-state-compact will be granted, an you will hear my plea to bring my family together while I'm serving out my conviction.


Thank you for hearing me out.


Wali Shikur Bey A.K.A Craig Jones



On February 5, 2004. I was given a violation of rule # 15 "Sexual Misconduct, in the visiting/room at (C.R.C.C.). On 2/25/04 I filed "INFORMAL RESOLUTION REQUEST" in which it was deny 3/22/04 by assistant supt. Jean Ann Johnson. The investigated officer was D. Hughes C.C.A.  Please note that my IRR was never answered properly. They wrote any type of response so that they would not have to investigate the alleged  violation that c/o 1 Garner place on me. The reply that I received was my due process was not violated and that they where denying me (IRR) for those reasons, they never looked within the body of my (IRR) to see that I made other claims that would support my claim to this violation that was given to me on 2/5/04.

Please note on the conduct violation the time that this c/o place on the violation he stated that this occur at 1 :47 p.m. Please note that this c/o W. Garner does not come to work into 3:00 p.m. According to his statement in the violation he stated" ON THE ABOVE DATE AND APPROXIMATE TIME I W. GARNER C/O

1 REVIEWED THE VIDEO SURVEILLANCE TAPE FOR VISITING AND OBSERVED THE FOLLOWING." Now my complaint is how was this c/o was able to review this tape at 1 :47 p.m. and he was not on the institution grounds at this time, so how he was able to make this false allegation against me in my wife Tamiko Shikur-Bey so this violation should be dismiss an expunge from my offender record and my wife be


replace on visitation list.


Our family are told that if we appeal the violation in go through OFFENDER GRIEVANCES we will be heard, will that is a joke, because if you will notice how my (IRR) was held then it will show how the system does not work for the offender in their family. So I am hoping that the investigator officer will take the time to investigate what I have place before them, and then they will see that the claim I have brought forth is false and do not hold any merit to support the claim that this c/o W. Garner has brought before me an my wife.
I pray that my plea will be heard an justice will be up held.

Respectfully Wali Shikur-Bey


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