Tyrone Daniels

Tyrone Daniels #B01240
Box 2000
200 E. Supermax Rd.
Tamms, IL. 62988

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Tyrone Daniels and I'm a prisoner at `Tamms Supermax' which keeps us confined
at least 23 hr.'s a day to concrete cells…. We're deemed the `Worst of the Worst' in the State of Illinois, undeserving of coming in contact with other human beings. The restrictions placed on us, are not just physical contact, but our communication with the free societies are also hindered. Most literature we may like to read are also censored, with no conformity in rules. What we're told one day is acceptable, may not be that way the next day and be met with a retaliatory response. The inhumanness of this environment is horrendous!!! Everyday I see men around me deteriorating and The Many Pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears. There should be a public inquiry, if not an outrage, to correct this evil that we have to endure at this prison facility know as Tamms. I see suffering, literally, every second that I'm awake….

 'It's' very distressing to hear a man with cancer, in agonizing pain, over improper medication, no medication, and/or lack of medical attention, while the cancer eats away at his vital organs. I'm helpless to even comfort him…..

 `It's' very distressing to hear a man plead for help everyday, because everytime he uses the bathroom, he is bleeding. It would take 2 years, before he is taken to the hospital, to have surgery …..

 `It's' very distressing to hear a man make an animal—like noise, just as he has collapsed in the shower, from insulin shock. I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, for someone to help him….But the help is slow to come, with the man coming close to death…..

 'It's' very distressing to hear how some Inmates have already died, who suffered from various illnesses, which makes me wonder, if everything possible was done, to save them???…..

 'It's' very distressing, to see brothers with heart problems, asthma, suffering minor strokes, because they were given improper medication and/or being misdiagnosed. This happens time and time again….

 'It's' very distressing to see brothers, breaking down mentally and displaying signs of psychosis, such as cutting on themselves and playing in their own urine and feces, which is even more distressing!!!   

 Back in 1991, I was falsely accused of a murder that I did not commit or have anything to do with. However I was convicted and given a 70 year sentence. Since then, My Main Objective, has been to prove my innocence and regain my freedom. But this quest for `Freedom and Justice" has been an uphill battle. However, I intend to stay the course, no matter what or however long it may take, because I'm INNOCENT!!!!

 As I reflect back on growing up, on the Southside of Chicago, some of my fondest and cherished memories are of my "Maden" Grandma. She would take me and my siblings to Church, and sent us to Catholic School for a few years. She always instilled in us, "The Power Of God". Yes, I strayed from that course (Rom.3:23) in my youth, But I have re-found that course, as a soon to be 33 yr. old man, with a new mind and spirit.  (1 Cor.13:11)

 Since being at Tamms, my task has gotten even more difficult to do. That's why I'm taking this time, to convey some of my inner-most thoughts. My Hope is, that you'll choose to get "Involved", because we (The Men at Tamms), Desperately need your help and support, Especially from The Church.

 There needs to be some connection with the outside world, so that when we do come home, we will be focused on not only rebuilding our lives, but rebuilding the communities we're coming back to, instead of destroying them. We may gain a better understanding from brothers and sisters who are already doing their part in the community, by joining forces with them, in initiating constructive ideas, providing positive examples, and receiving support, with All of us in the community joining together, for the same cause.

 Every time you read a report on prisons, it’s always tells about how high the recidivism rates are. This is no surprise to me, especially if every prison is run like Tamms…… We're experiencing "Severe Sensory Deprivation", which are all 5 basic human needs. Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste are being severely suppressed. When one is being stripped of all these basic human needs, society must know, justly or unjustly, that under these in-humane conditions, when one is placed back in society, it's equivalent to placing a time bomb back into the community. We are not provided with any social, educational or religious programs to guide our behavior or nurture our thoughts. I read in Matt.9:12-13, "For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance."

 God is in the business of changing lives, and I ask what better place to start, then in Tamms, where it is said we're "The Worst of The Worst"!    

 Now let me turn for a moment, to a more intimate level sort of speak….I've tried my best since my incarceration, to maintain some resemblance of familiar ties. It seems to me that time and distance, has made this nearly impossible to do. I haven't seen or talked to anyone in my family in over 5 yrs…….Birthdays and holidays come and go without a murmur……Which is the case for most men in here, who like myself, are from Chicago, and have lost contact, and haven't seen or heard from their family in many years. Just this thought alone, eats away at my heart, each and every day!! Although I'm in contact with my older sister through letters, she is very limited in helping me fight this injustice, because she is consumed with other responsibilities in her life.  Over the years, my knowledge has broadened, in understanding how the family structure works and how important it is in ones life, and how incarceration of a family member can deeply affect it. This is a reality that I really struggle with, especially being almost powerless, to do anything about it.

 I know I need some help, and that's why it would be truly a "Blessing", if anyone in the Clergy would like to get involved(Matt.25:31-46)……Writing letters, staying in contact with ones family to make sure they're well, coming on Clergy visits, to help one grow spiritually, making calls here or other necessary places when needed, etc…..In closing, know whatever you're able to do; I'll consider it a treasure and be very appreciative!! So do whatever God puts on your heart. Prayers, encouragement, suggestions or other, will be sincerely welcomed…..Until then, I'll begin each day with optimism, at the thought of hearing from you. Take care and God Bless Always.

Respectfully In Struggle,
Tyrone Daniels


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