The Beginning


I started researching this book on 6/2/02 and my eyes have been opening wider almost every day.

When I started I was for capital punishment but I also felt that more should be done to protect the innocent.  Now I am against capital punishment because the innocent can not be protected from the crooked people in the system.

The death of one innocent person makes capital punishment wrong.  The system does not allow many innocent men and women the chance to prove their innocence.

The death penalty is not in itself cruel and inhuman punishment.  The system is cruel and inhuman punishment.  It is knowing that you are innocent and the odds are that you are going to die but you do not know when.  It is getting your hopes up that the appeal will succeed and because of the corruption it does not help.

Even for the guilty the wait for the appeals and clemency is cruel and inhuman punishment.  At least with life without the possibility of parole there is the knowledge that when you die you will either be murdered and possibly not see it coming or die of old age.

There are many levels of prison.  There are levels based on security and the danger you are to others.  Life can be a total hell or not so bad if it were not for the fact that you can not go away when you want to.

If you are a handsome young man you may end up being someone's bitch.  You may end up giving sex for protection.  If not you may end up getting raped. 

You may have a cell mate that likes your body and rapes you until you give in to his cravings.

You may piss someone off and get the shit beat out of you.  That someone may be another prisoner or even a guard. 

You may spend 23 hours a day in your cell alone.  Meals may be brought to your cell.  Your other hour may be spent in a small yard with high walls where you do not see the Sun but only a small part of the sky.  For some that 1 hour only comes three days a week. 

You may have years without human contact.  You will be your best friend, your only friend and sometimes your worst enemy.

Are these things the worse that can happen to you.  It depends on what to you is the worse that can happen.  You thought life was a bitch before you got to prison.  Now what do you think.

Most prisoners say that they are innocent victims.  They did no wrong.  The sad thing is that some of them are innocent of the crime but guilty of being poor.  They can not afford an appeal.

Instead of the public defender who may not know his ass from a hole in the ground we need good attorneys who are qualified to be appointed to these cases.  They must do the best they can do and if not and incompetence can be proven they not only lose the right to practice law but they also have to pay for another attorney chosen by the defendant.

This book is going to tell you more about the innocent, prison life and life outside after you served your time.  I hope that this book will keep some people from getting into the position that will land them in prison.  I hope that they stay away from those who are on their way to prison.  Many of the innocent were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Some were convicted by the real killer.  Some got a ride from the killer and the killing was while he was with the killer.  This can work with any crime. 

The guy that gives you a ride could stop at a party store.  Have you wait in the running car while he robs the store.  He gets caught and you are still in the car.  According to witnesses you were the look out.

For those on death row they are all there because they are poor.  The wealthy do not get the death penalty.  The may not even get life.

If a black kills a white in a death penalty state the will most likely get death.  The other way around the killer will get life or less.  Bigotry is alive and well in the death penalty states.  If you are a poor white you too may get the death penalty.

What can we do to right this wrong?  The links section of the web site for my book is and use the web rings.  There are many who need your help. 

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