Terrance Bowman-Taylor Death Row Case

Terrance Bowman Taylor is currently on death row in North Carolina for crimes he did not commit.   He was a college student from New York who came to North Carolina to visit his relatives and some friends and never made it back home. He was wrongfully arrested and convicted of allegedly causing the deaths of two men who were known drug dealers, drug users, and convicted felons who both had criminal felony trial pending against them at the time of their deaths. Both of these deceased men also had a history of violence throughout the area in which they were found deceased. They were both high school dropouts that stayed in trouble with the law. They both died from multiple gunshot wounds and were reported to have been together when they were allegedly murdered at the same time in one single incident.

Terrance did not cause the deaths of these men. He was wrongfully arrested, unfairly tried and illegally convicted of these crimes solely on the false testimony of a man named Venice Taylor Venice Taylor was detained and questioned as the initial suspect in this case. He is a convicted felon who has a very extensive criminal history that includes several felony convictions including repeated charges for giving false information to the police and evading, eluding and resisting arrest. When he was detained and questioned as the Initial suspect in this case, he had numerous pending and outstanding warrants out for his arrest. However, he was never arrested for any of those outstanding warrants while he was in police custody and was driven home by a police officer after he gave the police a false statement implicating Terrance in these crimes. He is a known drug dealer and drug user who was a bitter rival of the decedents in this case in the drug trade. Venice Taylor has been arrested and/or convicted more than 17 times since he falsely testified against Terrance and he is still allowed to roam the streets and break the law while Terrance sits wrongfully on death row for crimes he did not commit Venice Taylor is a mental patient that suffers from memory loss and hallucinations. He lacks the ability to tell the truth and experiences hearing evil and violent sounds and voices that tell him to do violent things. He has been diagnosed as being of the paranoid schizophrenic type and was still allowed to testify falsely against Terrance. His trial testimony was completely inconsistent with the prior false statement that he gave to the police on the day in which these crimes were allegedly committed. Both his trial testimony and his prior inconsistent statement were contradicted and unsupported by the actual facts in this case. Terrance should have never been arrested and convicted based solely on the false testimony and statement of this unreliable, incompetent criminal.

Despite the fact that Venice Taylor stated to the police that he was allegedly with Terrance and three other men when he allegedly witnessed these crimes being committed. Terrance Bowman-Taylor does not have any codefendants. These other three men were questioned by the police and they verified that these crimes were never committed by Terrance as did several other potential witnesses that were interviewed by the police. Yet still, Terrance was the only man arrested, charged and tried for these crimes. No one else was or has been charged in connection with this case. There is no physical and/or scientific evidence that connects Terrance to these crimes.

(Mr. Bowman wrote that executions are occurring there on a regular basis.  He lives in fear everyday that he may be next, yet he's claiming his innocence and is desperate for legal assistance.)

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