Teresa Fargason case summary:

This case involves the wrongful conviction of Teresa Fargason, who was convicted on September 17, 1993 for the malice murder of her daughter,Taylor Fargason.Teresa Fargason was given a life sentence and is currently incarcerated at Washington State Correctional Facility in Davisboro, Georgia.
We seek not only justice for Teresa but also Justice for Taylor. The motive the prosecution sought was that Teresa killed Taylor to be with her then boyfriend, Jordan Michael, who had claimed he didn't want anymore children and in the event of an alleged argument over the phone. Teresa allegedly killed Taylor in a moment of desperation. Jordan Michaels testified that they didn't argue on the phone.

In the evening hours of June 9, 1991, in Macon, Georgia. Teresa and Taylor Fargason went to a Kroger store to get ready made sauce for a Mexican dish she was preparing for a dinner party the next day at work. Earlier that day,Teresa had went to the same store with Taylor to buy the home made ingredients to prepare the dish from scratch but after it got to late, she decided to go and buy the sauce already made. Upon entering the Kroger that night, Teresa proceeded to go to the Deli section, Teresa turned around and Taylor was missing. Teresa didn't panic at first thinking Taylor had gone to the book
section. After looking in the book section and finding Taylor was not there, Teresa's panic began and she cried for help.
Several Kroger employee's assisted Teresa in looking for Taylor without success. The police were called to the Kroger and
a little over an hour after the report was made, Taylor Fargason was found on a semi deserted road called the interstate parkway. Her death was presumed to be asphyxia by the result of smothering.

When they found Taylor's body by the sheriff's dept., an ambulance was called to the scene and two deputy sheriff's attempted CPR and compressions. They had called on the radio and said that there was ' life '. Although, this radio traffic call was requested at the trial by the defense attorney. It was never submitted to be heard by the jury. We've not been able to attain this tape to date but believe there may be relevant information pertaining to this case. There are so many factors that come into
play that resulted in Teresa becoming the prime suspect in Taylor's death. One of which was the Deputy Coroner at the scene. He derived that Taylor had died between the hours of 7 and 8 pm. This would eventually become an inaccurate statement from him since a passing neighbor had seen Taylor alive at 8:45pm that night.

After Teresa had learned of Taylor's death, she was taken to a hospital ER for her grief stricken state and given sedatives. Teresa was taken home by a friend and shortly thereafter was called by the Police dept. to come down for questioning. She voluntarily went, thinking she was trying to help find who had killed Taylor. It was the actions of the police dept. and investigators that also come into question at that time.Teresa was interrogated between the hours of 3am to 8am. During her interrogation,Teresa couldn't remember Taylor's exact location where she had last seen Taylor. Also, Kroger employees stated that no one saw Taylor in the Kroger that night. It was these pieces of information coupled along with the inaccurate time of death that led the police to make Teresa their prime suspect and neglect any other possible suspects that would eventually
surface during the trial but the jury would never know about it.

After being accused of her daughter's death and tormented for several hours. Teresa still claimed her innocence and voluntarily
gave a hair sample to compare with hair that was found on Taylor's body. Teresa's Miranda rights were not read to her and after the interrogation, she was escorted by police to her home where she consented for a search of the premises. Investigators didn't acquire any evidence from her home other than a picture of Taylor's bed after investigator's searched her room. During
the trial the picture was submitted by the prosecution and asked the question, " Doesn't this look like a bed where a child has been murdered?" Teresa contends the bed was not messed up when investigators went in there. Also, there are documents
that contain information from Gary Ussery, Director of the Macon Crime lab who states that the bed covers were turned down and no blood or hairs were found on the bed.

From that terrible night a criminal investigation would last a year and a half . While police were investigating Teresa and trying
to compile evidence to convict her.Teresa herself was trying to prove her innocence but these actions would come against her during the trial. She at one point called the phone company to find out if calls could be traced from the police dept. because investigators accused her of calling her parents to notify them of Taylor's death before she reported her missing.This was
brought out in the trial and a representative from the phone company testified. Wiretaps were authorized on Teresa's home
and Jordan Michaels and even on Taylor's grave by the trial judge. These were title 3 wiretaps that have to be reviewed and continued on a regular basis. Teresa was eventually arrested on Dec. 29, 1992 and later a trial date would be set for Sept. 13, 1993.

Since the prosecution contended that Teresa had killed Taylor to be with her boyfriend, the prosecution presented
circumstantial evidence that can easily be disputed. One piece of evidence was a phone record from a wiretap taken in May
of 1992 where Teresa had allegedly confessed to Mr. Michaels. The prosecution asked Teresa on the stand ' Did you say I suffocated her? '. The transcripts and all reports say that the statement made is ' inaudible'. If Teresa had confessed, my
question is, why didn't they arrest her in May instead of waiting 6 months later? They claimed to the media that they had new evidence of a taped confession.

Another piece of evidence used was an alleged tire mark found on Taylor's body after black fingerprint dust had been applied
to the site. The prosecution contended that Teresa killed Taylor in her bed, wrapped her up in her security blanket and
disposed of her body on the interstate parkway road and as Teresa was leaving the scene, she ran over Taylor's arm. Now, I must say that relevant witnesses weren't called to testify on Teresa's behalf. One of which was Dr. Joseph Burton, a
well-known forensic expert, who was hired by the defense to examine Taylor's body. Dr. Burton as well as the pathology reports state that there was no abrasions or bruising to suggest a car had run over Taylor's arm. Tire experts were called to
the stand on both the defense and for the prosecution. The prosecution's expert witness testified that the mark had similar designs as found on Teresa's car but another witness for the defense said that it was only a 10% possibility that it could be
from the tire found on Teresa's car.

Alot of Taylor's hair was found on her body and on her blanket. One hair found belonged to Teresa. The prosecution
contended that the hairs were traumatically pulled. As Dr. Burton would have testified that traumatically pulled hairs can come from brushing someone's hair and it useless evidence to connect the mother to the child and make her the murderer. Also, Taylor's security blanket had a stain on it. Teresa's aunt claims that stain got on there after Taylor had a tooth pulled but she
was never called as a witness to testify. The biological reports say the stain, that was no bigger than a dime, was pink in nature and had blood and saliva mixed. There was no age determination of the stain and the report supports our claim that the stain resulted from the tooth and not from Taylor's death.

The time of death was a big issue that also remains questionable.The Coroner, John Parker, who had later examined Taylor's body in the early morning hours of June 10, 1991 said that the time of death was presumed to be between the hours of 9 and 11pm. The Deputy Coroner testified during the trial and said that lividity or livor mortis, settling of the blood, was fixed at 12
am and that rigor mortis had begun. Dr. Parker, who stated in his testimony that livor mortis was not fixed until 7am and there was only moderate rigor mortis. These two testimonies severely conflict. Livor mortis sets in at a time frame of 8 to 12 hrs in
an average adult but the fact that we are dealing with a small child who was involved in a struggle during her death would definitely shorten the time to about 8 hrs which could put the time of death around 11pm or shortly after.

Charles Fargason, Teresa's ex-husband and Taylor's father once stood by Teresa and said she was innocent but later would take the side of the prosecution and testify against Teresa. Charles claimed in his testimony that Teresa told him near the
grave site that she failed a series of polygraph tests. Teresa claims she never spoke to him at the grave site. Teresa had voluntarily taken one polygraph test on the day that she was to view Taylor's body for the first time. The test results were inconclusive and we have not seen any final results of this test. The prosecution also used Charles statement of the polygraph tests in their closing statement.

The most compelling information that I can provide is evidence of information that was not introduced at the trial. Teresa as
well as her family had no knowledge of it. There was a judge's chambers meeting held on the 3rd day of the trial in which an Attorney came forth with exculpatory information that could clear Teresa Fargason.  The Attorney implicated a former police officer and his involvement in the death of Taylor Fargason. The Attorney had represented the police officer, James Glover,
in a prior plea bargain in which he shot himself into a bullet proof vest to gain attention from his estranged wife. After the plea bargain settled, the police officer approached the Attorney to represent him when he thought he was being investigated in the death of Taylor Fargason. The Attorney told the police officer that he would need to retain her for her services before she
could represent him. In a meeting in the Attorney's office, the police officer was present with his mother. From what the Attorney states, the police officer was engaged in a conversation with his mother in her presence. The police officer then confessed of his involvement. Although, the Attorney was not retained and she was considered third party to the conversation held. The judge ruled the information the Attorney learned as Attorney/Client privilege. The jury would never hear it. It is also important to note that Mr. Glover seen Taylor 4hrs before her death. He had approached Taylor while Teresa was washing
her car at a car wash. Mr. Glover had given Taylor a teddy bear. We have also learned that Mr. Glover had several license checks done on Teresa.

These issues are the key issues that convicted Teresa Fargason and put her in prison for life. I can honestly say that I believe
in Teresa and in her innocence and the facts and circumstances that surround the case are just what they are - Circumstances.
I don't believe Teresa had motive to kill her daughter as the prosecution contends. She was a good mother by most accounts.
I am not saying she was a ' perfect ' mother. Teresa has made her mistakes as all mothers do at times. However, I feel that
she sincerely loved her daughter and would not have harmed her in anyway. If you read about this case, you will surely see
the desperation in the prosecution and the investigators who only sought to win a case and not find the justice that Taylor and Teresa so deeply deserve.

I have been involved for almost two years. I feel justice was not served in this case and the truth can only come from
presenting the facts that are in black and white and not what the prosecution has distorted and fabricated to get their
conviction. We have had media interests from local television stations. One of which is WMAZ 13 in Macon, Georgia. A reporter listened to our allegations and investigated the case. The end result of her investigation produced a 5-part series. I'm providing the web address for anyone to see. http://www.13wmaz.com/news/doubt_1.shtm.

We need help for Teresa and would like any assistance possible to free her from her wrongful incarceration. You can contact me at my email: megieboman@yahoo.com

With Best Regards,

Margret Bowman

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