Susan May

Dear Lee,

I very much appreciate your interest in my situation.  Thank you for your comments and support.  

The past 10 years have been a nightmare but I have survived because the fight to prove my innocence drives me on and I have such tremendous help and support form my family and numerous friends.  That alone sustains me.  Only if you have suffered such an injustice does the whole reality of the corrupt and flawed system can be fully understood.

I was brought up to trust the police, the establishment and all of the systems in place to make a better society.  I trusted, I had faith in all of the above but I was badly let down and indeed I was failed.

You are correct in saying some female prisoners are inside because of men, but of course that does not apply to me.

I am totally innocent of the heinous crime I was convicted of.  I am here because my original legal team were negligent, the police in my case fabricated evidence, altered vital forensic evidence and to this day continue to perjure themselves in order to keep me in prison and ensure that their  careersand pensions remain safe!!  I live, eat  breathe and sleep my case.  It monopolizes my life and my thoughts.  I will not rest until my name is cleared.

I owe it to my Aunty.  She was a wonderful person and I loved her dearly.  

I refuse all offending behavior courses in prison because I maintain my innocence.  I have not "progressed " through the system.

I have recently been told that Home Office policies on prisoners who maintain their innocence  are changing.  We shall see!

I have throughout my time in prison also attempted to raise awareness to the futility of prison.  I have written various articles on that subject, also on the legal system, juries and other subjects related to the criminal justice system.

We do of course need prisons but their role and function needs improving.  Prison does not work for many who do need to have changes in their lives.  So much money, resources and time are being wasted.  When this could be quality time, well spent! I could go on and on but for now I have to leave.

Thank you again.

Best wishes


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