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The supermax prison is the ultiment in dehumanizing the prisoner.  They may be the worst of the worse but they do not deserve to be treated like they are the lowest animal on earth.  Even the animals in the circuses and zoos have a better life than the supermax convict.  Even the animals in labs are treated better.

The supermax inmate has no human contact.  He may spend the rest of his life not seeing other inmates or even guards. Visitation is by telephone and seperated by plexiglass.  They spend 22 to 24 hours a day in their cell.  Their  execise is going to the exercise yard for one to one and a half hours.  Their cell door is opened and a voice on the speaker tell them where to go.  The doors open automatically in front of them and close automatically behind them.

The guards will taunt them and provoke them to act out and drag them out of their cell and beat them.  They get their meals in their cells. They are pushed through an opening and they do not see the guard.  The Chaplain comes to their cell to give them communion and pass the wafer through the hole. They do not see the chaplain.

What kind of sick mind designs these torture chambers?  What kind of sick mind makes human beings live this way?  These men may be bad and evil but even the worst of the worse do not deserve it.  Many are not the worst of the worse. Many are mentally ill but it is cheaper to warehouse them then to treat them.

Look at all of the sites below and maybe, just maybe you will get mad enough to do something about them.  Alcatraz was heaven compared to the new supermax.

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