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Steven R Redman was serving an 11 year prison sentence for 1985 crimes he did not do.   He cried every day  for 4 yrs because he was innocent.  He cursed God & threw his Bible away because he was incarcerated & was innocent.  I began to write him when his father my Chiropractor shared his innocence with me.  Four yrs later we were married.

Dec. 1993 he transferred to Vienna CC, Vienna IL.  It was a mimimun prison with  more freedoms  as he was to be released in the fall of 94 .

January 1994 we made a short time calendar.  He got a job as the Electrician's helper & Monday 1-31-94 he was assigned to change  light bulbs in all the housing units.  Thursday 2-3-94 he was at the last housing unit & it was the one where he lived.  The female Guard told him there were lights out in the basement & he told her  the doors are locked & I haven't changed any light bulbs in any other basements of the housing units.  She did not have a key so he had to get the door unlocked by an Officer.   He first changed the lights in the air vent handlers  & proceeded putting in new light bulbs.  There was a exit sign that had the bulb burned out &  he did not have one so he left & had to go to the other side of the camp to replenish his light bulbs.  He used the bathroom then his boss told him that they were having an emergency count that he needed to go back to his housing unit.  On the way back he heard on a Guard's radio to find the  Electrician's Inmate helper so when he got to his housing unit he told the officer I am the Electrician's Inmate helper why do you want me?  They threw him to the ground & handcuffed him & put him in a vehicle & took him to the Administration building.  He asked what is going on but they refused to tell him anything.  They told him to take off his clothes  & put them in plastic bags.  He had on a black T-shirt that said Graham Vets (from Graham CC where he had been incarcerated & in that group)  & blue jeans. He was scared & kept asking why were they taking his clothes & they talked terrible to him & told him to shut up & do as they said or they would beat his ass.  They told him they wanted him to sign to give a sample for the DNA kit & he refused because they would not tell him what it was for & he was crying by then, how they were treating him & not telling him anything. 

Later they took him to a cell without electricity or water & handcuffed him face down on the cot & 2 Guards with name tags  & badges removed beat him with 18 inch metal flashlights.  He became dizzy from the blows to his head & suffered that dizziness for about a year.  I could have put a cereal bowl on the knot on the back of his head by his neck when they finally let me see him about 3 weeks later.  He was black & blue all over from that beating.
They took 36 polariod pictures  of him that day.

They did not have a picture of him in his t-shirt just his jeans.  There is no blood on his jeans in the pictures they took of him.  He is in his underwear when they took pictures of his beating & being in prison they were Fruit of the Loom brand.

Late at night the Director came from Springfield with an Investigator from  the DOC & told him  a female Guard had been found in the basement in the air vent handler room beaten, comatose, in a plastic bag & left for dead & they would transfer him to Centralia CC as the Guards would kill him there.   Steve told him I did not do that & he had not eaten or had anything to drink all day & the Director  said they would feed him at Centralia.  That never happened he had no food or water all day.

The Lt of Internal Affairs did all the investigating, cleaned up the crime scene before the Carbondale Forensic Science Lab of the State Police could travel 1 hr there, handled all the samples,  evidence, took the 36 pictures & the crime was on one of it's own so that was a conflict of interest.  All her fingernails were broken off but none of them were ever found.

They took the Guard to a hospital out of State to KY when Marion IL was much closer & had the same quality of Hospital.   They said at trial they took a picture lineup to her in the hospital &  she picked Steve out of the lineup. At trial she said that never happened.   At trial she was asked if the defendent was in court & she looked straight at him & all around & said "somewhere probably" so the Judge made his Attorney parade him around taking him out of the courtroom & then the Prosecturer  asked if she could identify him & she answered "Oh yow, he is in the blue jacket, I recognize him from seeing him on the news last night!"

They found blood smears on his jeans but were unable to get all her genetic markers from those stains so she did not bleed on his jeans or all her genetic markers would have been on them.  It was smeared on his jeans from the blood on the basement floor.

There was a red sweatshirt with her blood all over it but Steve did not own a red sweatshirt & they had an inventory of his street clothes that he could have at that minimum prison.  It was a size medium & Steve wears an X-large.  The underwear was Jockey brand & he only had Fruit of the Loom that he could buy in prison.  They could not recover any DNA from Steve Redman in that Jockey underwear.  If it had been his then there would have been hair, urine stain, or sweat to get his DNA, so these were not his underwear & they did not take his underwear & the pictures of his beating prove he still had his underwear on that day.

The Guard was raped & there was a 4x1 inch fresh wet semen stain in her underwear.  The  Forensic Scientist from the IL State police Crime Lab testified that the DNA of that semen was 100 % not Steven R Redman.  Steven has blood type AB secretor. They found saliva blood type B on her vaginal lips.  They said his A was weak & did not show up.  A Forensic Scientist Expert from WI said in his appeal petition that is  an impossible to be a secretor & both AB would not show up in his body secretions.  In the history of Forensic Science that has never happened.

Her nipple on her breast was almost bitten off by sharp teeth, they claimed Steven's dental castings were broken enroute to the lab so were inconclusive.  He found out with a Freedom of Information form that they were not broken.   He has square teeth & even a cap on his front tooth that was knocked out playing football in high school.  They knew his was not a match being square.

All the Guards &  Inmates they had testify lied on the witness stand  & said he had on the red sweatshirt.

He was at Centralia for 1 yr waiting trial so they had an Inmate there that worked in seg where he was housed testify Steve admitted to him he did that crime. The Inmate got out of prison early for lying & testifying against Steve.  Another inmate that claimed he knew Steven  & saw him the day of the incident identified the Nephew of the Sheriff sitting  in the audience.

He was denied a change of venue 3 times & an evidentiary hearing.  The area has many prisons & most of the jobs are at the prison or prison related. Vienna has 2 prisons & a boot camp at Dixon Springs, & is close to the Federal Prison in Marion & Youth Camp in Harrisburg.

He was convicted on circumstancial evidence  & given a 90 year sentence.

The jury  ignored the Scientific evidence or that the DNA was not him, ( Law Enforcement think the technology of DNA evidence is diamonds as it helps them solve crimes.) & convicted him on the Circumstancial evidence .  He received a 90 yr sentence.   When Tamms Supermax Prison opened 1998 he was sent there 7-2-98.  He soon will be there 11 yrs.

He is harassed 24/7/365, denied medical care  treated sub human & even  his wife gets  detained & mistreated when I visit.

I have written every Governor & Legislator & the Governors send my letters to the Director of DOC & the Legislators ignore me.
Steve needs a good Criminal Lawyer  to file a new petition in court for him.


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