Siddique Abdullah Hasan

Innocent Man on Death Row

In the Name of God Almighty, Who is Excessively Compassionate, Extremely Merciful


Siddique Abdullah Hasan, R130-559

Ohio State Penitentiary

878 Coitsville-Hubbard Road

Youngstown, Ohio 44505-4635


23rd  Dhul-Hijjah 1422 A.H.

7th March 2002 C.E.


Dear Viewers:

Thank you for visiting this web page which is dedicated to presenting the facts and circumstances surrounding my wrongful conviction.

My ultimate objective is to educate you on the injustices that took place with respect to my indictment, trial and conviction and to try and secure support which would help assure me of fair treatment. While the nature of that support I leave to you, suffice it to say, the need for justice in my case is profound, for my case speaks to the baseness of the so-called “justice system.” Actually, if the truth must be proclaimed, my conviction reflects a criminal "just-us" system that is racially and religiously biased and without any respect for "true justice" and the sacredness of human life. 

Although the Code of Professional Responsibility vividly states that "a public prosecutor has a duty to seek justice, not merely to convict," such was not the case in my trial. In fact, my conviction is a serious affront to justice, primarily due to the fact that the prosecutors lost sight in their malicious, selective, vindictive and overzealous efforts to obtain a conviction. Purely and simply put, the prosecutors violated the law and Disciplinary Rules which prohibit the use of fraudulent, false, or perjured testimony or evidence. In addition to this, they violated numerous other laws and rules that the state courts have been made aware of; nevertheless, these courts have refused to overturn my unjust conviction. Perhaps the judges refuse to do so because they feel it would be akin to political suicide.

In any event, since trying to seek justice in an unjust legal system has proven to be an optical illusion, I am compelled to present my case to the “Court of Public Opinion.” Thus, I hope to be able to mobilize enough supporters, from the grass roots up, who will rally behind my plight and demand--with force and determination--that a complete and impartial investigation be conducted in my case. Indeed, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. After all, a society is not gauged by how it treats those whom it favors and with whom it agrees. Rather, fairness and equality are determined by how society deals with those whom it does not understand. Frederick William Lehmann stated: 

"That the Government wins its point when justice is done in its courts."

Based on my treatment and the gross miscarriage of justice perpetrated upon my person, I can emphatically say--without hesitation or reservation--that justice was not done in my case and that Hamilton County is not a county of justice nor of law. On the basis of this recognition and the rejections that I have received from the courts, I am ready, willing and determined to expose (by whatever means necessary) the police and prosecutorial misconduct surrounding my indictment and conviction. God willing, all and sundry will come to know the truth concerning my case, a case which the Government would obviously like to keep under wraps.

Anyone wishing to offer financial assistance should post his or her donation directly to the address below:


Richard M. Kerger, Esq.

c/o Siddique Abdullah Hasan Defense Fund
33 South Michigan Street, Suite #201

Toledo, Ohio 43602


Anyone wishing to offer me legal or political assistance should contact Attorney Richard M. Kerger at the above address.  Mr. Kerger may also be reached by phone, fax and/or E-mail. The particulars are as follow:


Telephone: (419) 255-5990

Facsimile: (419) 255-5997


Anyone wishing to write to me should post his or her letters directly to me at the address which appears at the beginning of this letter.

Thank you for your time, consideration and mutual cooperation in being of any assistance.

I eagerly await your response and pray it will be favourable.


Prayerfully yours,

Siddique Abdullah Hasan

The meaning of my name

Siddique (pronounced Sid - deek) means: Just; true; sincere; a sincere friend; one who is true in word and deed or, simply put,
a man of varacity.

Abdullah is a compound word.  Abdu means: a servant of; a devote of; a slave of.  Allah means the Unimaginable Supreme Being.  Thus Abdullah means a servant of the Unimaginable Supreme Being.  Note: Allah is the proper name applied to the Being who exists necessarily by Himself.  Moreover, the word Allah has neither feminine or plural and never has been appled to anything other than the Unimaginable Supreme Being.  While many people in the world over translate Allah as God. the reallity is this word has no corresponding word in English or any language of the world.  

Hasan means: Pious; good; fine;excellent; beautiful.

When you combine my first, middle and last name what you have is the truthful servant of the Unimaginable Supreme Being who is good and Beautiful.

As you already know I am called by my surname.  Mind you, I did not choose the surname because of any physical beauty or attraction.  Instead, I chose the name Hasan because of the internal and spriitual beauty and goodness that I know I possess.


© Copyright 2002  Siddique Abdullah Hasan

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In ther initial editorial, prisoners noted there were several publications that are dilligentley working toward abolishing capital punishment and enacting prison reform;  therefore, they opt not to duplicate these other publications' fine and impressive efforts.

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