Sandy Hamma

A victim of MO injustice.


I received this letter from Sandy on 10/22/04.


Dear Sirs,


I am writing you on my case.Iím serving life without parole or 50 years.


I have a double memory of that police more than once violated my rights.I originally plead guilty then withdrew my plea. I went to trial and was convicted on he said, she said.There was a Negro male pubic hair found on the victimís body.I am a white female.


Iím also manic-depressive (Bi-polar) with psychotic episodes.At the time of my arrest I was at St. Josephís Hospital as a patient.My fingerprints were not found at the crime scene.The day the body was found a Negro male was busted using the victimís credit cards in K.C., MO.He is also a former St. Joseph cop and St. Joe was the scene of the murder.


While in county I received a letter from Bobbie Cummings, a white male, saying he knows I wasnít there and I also have a memory of spending the day elsewhere with him, two memories of that day.


Please, a DNA test could free me.So far I have served 24 years.Any help youíd give I would greatly appreciate.


Sandy Hamma 81718

WERDCC Box 300

WU 2C-102-4

Vandalia, MO 63382


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