A Rainbow Shall Appear

When the storm clouds have spent their fury,
In their wake leaving the bright sunshine,
A rainbow shall then be His sign to us,
That once again we have been blessed,
A promise that is always kept without fail.
God has not forgotten about us even when
We refuse to listen and heed His word.
Like wayward children, we seem to be possessed
With our rebellious and defiant behavior.
He washes the earth with the rain,
Just as our pain is washed away by our tears.
In this life we struggle without the need.
Paradise awaits for those who but believe.
Hell also waits for those rebellious souls.

Bargain Bin

Listen up close to what I say today,
Because tomorrow it may be too late.
There was this young guy I used to know,
Had all the answers, like you and me.
He knew an easier way, he had a perfect plan.
When you break the law, there is always a price.
Oh, you’re smarter than the average guy.
Well, look around and tell me again what you see.
Prison is full of guys who took an easier way.
Here’s a truth you should know and understand--
Nothing is worth the price of a prison life.
You still have a chance to change your ways.
Do it today, tomorrow may be too late.
It’s not the price the individual pays,
But the family and friends he brings inside.
Think of the price they too have to pay.
Getting in here was easy at the BARGIN BIN!

By His Grace Alone

With folded hands and bowed head we learn to pray,
Asking for God’s blessings and forgiveness too.
It is by His grace alone that we are here.
Despite our self-righteous conceit, He will forgive.
At best, we usually forget or neglect to give thanks
For the small things that get us through the day.
It is from His love alone that guides His hand.

All too often we are like unruly children,
Asking for more instead of thanking Him,
While fussing and fighting to get our own way.
His patience we must surely test to the limits,
Yet--we never hesitate to implore for forgiveness.
Disobedient and ungrateful as we are, He loves us still.
It is by His grace that we are saved from Hell.

When things go wrong from our own misjudgments,
We all too often refuse to accept full responsibility.
Selfishness is the human virtue created by man.
If we would but give Him proper credit and praise,
We tend to have selective hearing in our arrogance.
He awaits to hear the raised voice in prayer,
Keeping His promises to still our dreaded fears.

From The Seed

From the seed of malice thought
Springs forth an evil act.
Bearing fruit of this fact,
This lesson we are harshly taught.

Both creator and master are the same,
From the seed of thought therein.
Like fertile soil, our minds will begin
Shaping our character within the frame.

Both good and evil thoughts we possess,
The human will--the unseen force.
Our conscience--the unheard voice,
Determines whether we accept or contest.

We are exactly what we truly choose to be,
For our own failures or successes
Are fruits we cultivated nonetheless.
Our thoughts imprison us or set us free.

I Felt Your Touch

I can’t tell you how it happened.
In fact, I don’t even remember when.
It is a miracle, once in a lifetime.
I thought you existed only in my dreams,
Until I felt your touch.

You stepped into my heart so gently,
Bringing such joy and happiness,
Showing me what true is meant to be,
Sharing and caring without demand
When I felt your touch.

You have given my life such meaning,
Filled all my sweetest dreams and desires
With a love that is pure and selfless.
Simultaneously, it humbles and exalts my soul
When I felt your touch.

I wonder at times if you know
Just how much I actually love and adore you.
Mere words can never truly explain.
You are the essence of my life
When I felt your touch.


Some people call it prison.
Still others call it Hell.
I call it home for another reason.

To some people, we’re murderers or thieves.
To others we are all social outcasts
Where there’s no hope of reprieve.

We’re outlaws without any doubt,
Charged, tried, and convicted,
And that’s what it’s all about.

Some will revert back to good,
Others will become like steel,
And yet--we all misunderstood.

A leopard can’t change its spots,
The debt to society is never paid,
This is reality, like it or not.

Lost & Found

As I sit here with pen in hand,
Ready to write some expounding verse,
It is then I begin to comprehend
Between the lines I must also converse.

Filling in those vacant lines too,
In order to express the completed thought.
Lines without expressions will never do,
Whether poetry or prose it matters naught.

I must confess my mind’s a total blank,
Filled with words that are obsolete.
It’s too bad my mind isn’t a storage tank,
So this thought I may never complete.

Here again with pen in hand I sit,
Ready this time to write it all down,
Because this too I will soon forget,
Perhaps I should consult “Lost & Found”!


I thought I was finally over you,
Thought I was free of the hurt and pain.
But your memories just won’t let me be,
Like a never-ending movie they play on.

You swore as you walked out the door,
That you were never coming back.
So why do I still see you everywhere?
I hear your voice even in my dreams.

I must be losing my mind.
I changed the phone number,
And you are still calling me.
Even changed the locks on the doors.
What’s this hold you have on me?
Why can’t my mind just forget the past,
Accept the fact that we are through?
It’s not my mind, only my heart.

Ours To Keep

Soldiers each and every one,
Trained to be one of our very best.
Sworn to do their patriotic chore,
While answering our nation’s call
To protect those being oppressed.

While the battle rages on,
Brave young men and women die,
Answering their sacred duty’s call.
When the battle’s over and they survive,
Only then will they question, “WHY?”

Was it merely by province or chance,
That death stead its hand today
While all around soldiers were dying?
Courage and valor played no part.
Some will live--others will die.

The world won’t stop spinning,
Life will go on for the living.
Time healing dreams that might have been.
No--we won’t forget our deep loss,
Only memories now--ours to keep.

Steadfast I Still Stand

The tyrant shall rule me not.
My spirit shall never be conquered here.
I shall never humble my spirit’s honor,
Nor bow a knee to the oppressor’s whip.
Damn to those cowards that do his bidding.
The body dies but once by physical death,
Whereas the mind faces death endlessly.

Though the blows may break my bones,
This flesh and bone is only a host.
To hell with those that try to conquer me,
With physical torture my knee never bends.
Death receives only their failures curse.
Still proudly I will hold my head high,
Then spit defiance in my oppressor’s eye.

Beyond the iron gates of this manmade hell,
I will still walk yet again, head unbowed,
Spirit unbroken by the oppressor’s yoke,
Choosing death before dishonor is my choice.
And if you should kill the flesh and bone,
Think of the unwavering spirit still alive.
Without dishonor, steadfast, I still stand!

© Copyright 2003 Robert Holloway

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