Reginald S. Lewis

Innocents on Death Row

    Reginald Sinclair Lewis is an African-American poet, essayist and a playwright- On PENNSYLVANIA'S DEATH ROW. His work appeared in countless publications, and several countries.  He has garnered numerous awards for his work, including three PEN American Center Writing Awards for Prisoners.  Two of his children's plays were professionally produced. On death row for twenty long years, he was in San Diego, California, during the time a 250lb pimp was stabbed to death inside a seedy drug bar in Philadelphia, in 1982. On the day he was arrested, the Philadelphia Police seized Reggie's black briefcase containing jewelry, bus ticket stubs and other papers proving he had been in California but his papers disappeared. His Court Appointed Attorney failed to call six witnesses to testify that Reggie wasn't even in the State when the crime occurred. The Lawyer (who had a hearing impairment, slept during the trial) and pocketed the money allocated to house the California witnesses and the trial commenced before an illegal all-white jury, presided over by the notoriously racist Philadelphia Judge Albert F .Sabo. The lawyer was disbarred.
    One of the deciding factors that sent Reggie to death row was a 1977 conviction for the murder of a New Jersey drug dealer. But a compassionate Judge recently allowed him to reopen the case. What was found was shocking to the sense of justice. The Prosecution buried the confession of the "Actual Triggerman"- (The State's "Star Witness") .The lawyer represented the confessed killer (who was let out of prison) ,at the same time he was representing Reggie. What does this mean?  It's a "Conflict of Interest", which means Reggie Lewis is being held illegally on death row! He has filed a civil rights lawsuit against New Jersey officials for a "Wrongful Conviction".

    One of the most brilliant voices from death row, he has published two books of poetry , LEAVING DEATH ROW and his new book, INSIDE MY HEAD, was voted among "The Top 15 Books of 2002". The links are to Amazon but major book stores have it.

Reggie desperately needs financial assistance to hire Lawyers,Investigators.Mail him money orders. (No "personal checks")

You can write directly to him:

Reginald S. Lewis
#AY2902 .
PO Box 244
Graterford, PA 19426-0244

Reggie also needs Pen Pals! Please write to him!

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