Randy Arroyo-Baez

A victim of the Texas Injustice System



Justice Or Revenge

We must ask ourselves – Do many Americans continue to support Capital Punishment for “Justice” to be done or for a sense of “Revenge”?

On average, there are at least 20,000 deaths throughout the United States that are classified as “Murders”.  Of that number, maybe 1% are upgraded and tried as “Capital Murders”, qualifying the defendants to receive the death penalty.  This 20,000 average has existed for at least the past 15 years.  A period during which executions have been carried out at a break-neck pace, yet killings persist throughout the society.

During the same time period, the laws have constantly changed, lowering the age that a person can be legally tried as an adult and given the death sentence.  Now, children can be killed in the name of justice.

The mentally retarded have long been murdered by the government/society without any great cry of moral outrage, people who society itself has judged to be mentally deficient in areas of personal responsibility and ability.  Men and women with functioning capacities of 8 and 10 year olds only recently in a case call Atkins vs Virginia, have they ruled to abolish it – Yet some mentally retarded prisoners remain on death row – awaiting to be executed.

In the past 5 -7 years no less than 20 men have been released from death row across the country because it has been proven that they were wrongly convicted, purposely and knowingly wrongly convicted because of race, economics (lack of ability to hire competent attorneys), over zealous prosecutors playing loose with the facts, manipulating and outright fabricating facts, the use of unreliable witness testimony, physical evidence or confessions.  The highest court in the land (United States Supreme Court) ruled in the case “Herreza” – That “All you’re entitled to is a fair trial, guilt and innocence is not an issue as long as you had a fair trial”!  If guilt and innocence doesn't matter, what is the purpose of the trial by jury system? In spite of all the men who've been released after spending up to 16 years on death row wrongfully, you still have people swearing up and down that not one person can be proven to have been wrongfully executed or no innocents have been executed.

Clearly the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime, for whereas 20 years ago there were only about 10 ways you could legally be sentenced to death, now there are over 30!!!


Both religious and non-religious people continue to follow “Moses” instead of “Christ”, picking up compassion, love your enemy and forgiveness when it concerns themselves or their loved ones, yet putting it aside for “An eye for an eye” (Mosaic law) for others.

The “Conditional” faith being practiced by all the religious of this society, from where pulpit come only a resounding “Silence” on this issue.  This moral conscious of societies who've always been overwhelmingly “silent” to the corrupt ions and outrage being committed in this society.

So you tell me why Americans continue to murder/execute its citizens in the face of all the documented injustices on this issue?  How can justice be gained through injustice?

So let’s just call it how we see it and say what it is “REVENGE” and bring your hands from behind your back so that we can see the blood dripping from your fingers!

RANDY ARROYO BAEZ is a native from Puerto Rico who at a young age came to America to seek opportunity that many come for.

He is an active member of the Young Lord Party who continue to from Death Row the oppression of his people and all oppressed people.  For he believes that one can be oppressed socially, culturally, identity and so on.  From the notorious Texas death row he continues to write and teach about these oppressions going around nationally and internationally.  Many believe that the Young Lord Party has vanished but Mr. Arroyo-Baez maintains that it is still active and he will continue on with the struggle.

He now faces a new battle that he has insisted will be great but is positive that he will succeed, even if his life is taken.  Arroyo-Baez was a juvenile when he landed on death row for the murder of another man committed and the state of Texas confirms.  Yet they believe he was there and should have stopped it.  Arroyo-Baez now fights to abolish the death penalty for juveniles.  In this fight he maintains that he will need the help of the people. Collectively he believes victory can be made.  He has filed a brief with the federal courts challenging the constitution in this regard and awaits a judgement.  In the meantime this international activist continues to educate, write and speak out for human rights, social rights, women’s rights, the churches rights and so on.  All people who he believes have been oppressed in some form or fashion.

Retired, hard-working, college students, Mr. Arroyo-Baez would like to hear from you – he believes many times those who don’t believe can help are the ones that can.  For those wanting to communicate with him you can contact him at the address below.  Many will find his spirit relentless and rewarding to communicate with.

Coming very soon there will be more on Mr. Arroyo-Baez's work, his personal story, his case and supporters.  He will even personally be speaking and writing for this site.  His poems, art and past and present articles will be up as well.  Many will even learn more about the Young Lord Party and his fight to maintain their message – he needs you to help people – as individuals or groups – your help can make a difference.  I’ll leave you with one of his sayings “If a person has nothing worth fighting for, what is the desire to live?!!”

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His sentence was commuted to life in prison in June 2005 after the U.S. Supreme Court decreed that executing prisoners who were under 18 on the date of their crimes is unconstitutional.

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