Prisoners Not on Death Row

A Grandmother's Story  misdiagnosed child death 
Alan Yurko - Convicted of Murder of his baby to cover up medical malpractice. FREED 8/27/04 
Alden Redfield - Innocent Prisoners - A Letter to Missouri Taxpayers - Program Yourself For Failure, Or Declare Victory (With Two Caveats) Alden is out PI
Brent Parris   AL PI
Carl Drew  MA  You must read his story PI
Charles Hatfield - Lifers in a Dying System - The Predator by Charles Hatfield 
Chris Dunn and L.A.S.T.C.H.A.N.C.E PI
Clay Dusty Sanders - Stairway Outreach - Cons and ex cons who were abused 
Clemente Suarez  TX PI
Clinton Teasley  AL PI
Daniel Chairez  -  Innocence Diminished  TN PI
Daniel Grayline  Ark PI
David Hills  VA PI
Darryl Buckingham   TX PI
Donald Bradish   CA PI
Donald Debose - Betrayal
Donald Spinner NH PI
Donnie Sebreros - Poetic Love & Truth
Douglas Ray Chism - Can YOU Persevere?
Dwight (Nick) Davidson  A case of misdiagnosed  child death PI
Eddie Greer  MO  over 25 years and innocent PI
Edward Brooks  NC PI
Ernest Townsend CA PI
Francis Harris PA PI
George Mullenix  Find out about Angola, LA Hell on earth is an understatement. PI
Geronimo Ji Jaga, political prisoner, prisoner of war by Thaddeus Hamilton PI
Harry Bout  MI  Dutch Citizen ignored by his country PI
Hector Rivas NY PI
Henry Gorham  VA   9 years ago when Gov. commuted his sentence to life he said he thought he was innocent. PI
James Bullock - Cry For Help
Jerome Johnson  Tamms, IL PI
John D. Georgetti  NY PI
John David Wurdemann  Slandered by America’s Most Wanted PI
John Diaz - Please Tell Them I  Love Them
Joseph Payne - "Conning and Cheating Yourself" By Joseph P. Payne, Sr. and "The Choice is Yours Informer"  A monthly news letter by Joseph P. Payne, Sr.,  a prisoner sentenced to life who wants to help ex convicts and young offenders stay out of prison.  First issue was in August, 2003.
Joseph Tyrone Zeno  Angola  LA PI
Juan Jaimes  TX PI
Keith Niemic  MA PI
Khalfani Malik Khaldun Refuses to Surrender PI
Larry Stephens  TX PI
Leon Benson  - The Battle Cry of Inncocence and more  IN PI
Luke Johnson  MD PI
Marcus Adkins  MO PI
Melvin B Coley  AZ PI
Michael Brown  CO PI
Michael Dotson  TN PI
Michael Lawrence  VA  DNA test could clear him. PI
Michael Short  TX PI
Mickey Lee Davis  MI PI
Neal Robbins  TX  misdiagnosed child death PI
Paul Pelham  NC PI
Robert Hollway – Poetry
Steven Redman  IL PI
Terrance Bowman-Taylor  Death Row NC PI
Terry Buchanan   Victim of GA DSS and Ex wife PI
Thaddeus Hamilton  CA PI
Thomas Koonse – Justice DeniedSecond Thoughts ProgramSecond Thoughts FlyerSecond Thoughts Flyer II PI
Timothy Fonseca  CA PI
Timothy Rice  Death Row PA PI
Timothy Sandfort   Victim of DFS PI
Troy Foster This letter has not been edited.  The language is sexually explicit.  CA PI
Tyrone Daniels  Tamms, IL PI
Vincent Alfred Simmons, Jr.  Angola LA PI
Wali Shikur-Bey A father in prison is kept from his family because of false accusations. PI
Walter Cage  IL PI
Wayne Hays - The Persecution of Wayne Hays in Alabama by the Powers That Be
William_Bleigh  OH PI
William Freeman  FL PI
Willie D Scales – A political prisoner –Save Our Children PI

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