America, we have a problem. Our Justice System is unjust. Innocent people are going to prison and being executed, Many (If not most.) are being framed by the cops, prosecutors and the real criminal. In many cases the judicial system is corrupt and the judges knowingly allow innocent people to be convicted.

 Then they go to prison which is more corrupt than the judicial system and the cops.  Here they run into violent criminals who rape, beat and murder other prisoners, guards who beat and murder prisoners, guards who allow the rape, beatings and murder by the other prisoners.  They find poor medical care which kills and permanently handicap prisoners.

 Many prisons contract out the medical care, food services and at times the running of the prison.  These out side contractors are worse than the inside operated prison services.  For more information read the email from The National Public Service Council To Abolish Private Prisons (there are links to their sites in the email.)

 The sad thing is that most people just don’t care.  It is my goal to change that.


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