Police Corruption in Tampa, FL



  I owned a night club in Tampa Florida for seven years.  Before I ever opened the doors, I was threatened by a sheriff's deputy (Rocky Rodriguez) that narcotic trafficking in the club will happen. Not long after we opened, I received numerous reports that it was true and I went to the FBI to report the activity, their advice was to tell the sheriff's office. I replied, "it is the sheriff's office" causing this activity (I had called the sheriffs office before to report criminal activity going on and begged them to come inside to stop it, the officer said it was private property and there was nothing he could do and took off in his cruiser). A lot of information came from strippers pressed into working for these criminals and they wanted to turn on these guys but no one would help.

   After going to the F.B.I. to report the criminal activity I started receiving death threats. I then had one of the drug dealers get in my face and say I was playing both sides of the law. To make matters worse one of the other dealers went to my accountant, told her I was a racist questioned my books, and then told her that he was Keith Hamilton of Florida's A. B. T.  When she gave me his physical description I confronted him in the club and told him what I thought of him. It turns out that this is not the real Keith Hamilton, but a dealer with the sheriff’s protection.

   A gun was planted in my apartment in Saint Petersburg and I reported it to the F.B.I.  Again nothing happened.

   In the seven years I  owned the club, I  witnessed extortion, prostitution, planting of evidence, narcotic trafficking, perjury, grand theft, mail tampering, and assault, to list but a few of the criminal activity done under the protection of the Hillsboro Sheriff's office. I have since closed the club and filed a suit. Any help to bring light to my investigation would be welcome. For the more on the police corruption in Tampa
Bay being ignored by local government, Please go to. copsandhookers.com


J. Andy Gallogly

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