Corruption in the Justice System

First of all I want it understood that a large majority of police officers are good cops.  The bad cops make it bad for the good cops.  When the public see the bad cops get away with their crimes against the public it reflects on all cops.  Everything we see in this regard is that to cops stick together, good and bad.   Many good cops will protect the bad cops.  The same thing goes for lawyers, prosecutors and judges.

It seems to me that if you want to be proud of  your profession you will do what you  can to keep it clean.  Instead of hiding dirt you would expose it and make sure that those who are dirty are removed form the system and if they commit felonies, imprisoned.

The framing of defendants happens too often. The victims of the system are almost always poor.  If they are not poor they will be before it is over.  

I have seen many cases where the prisoners are clearly innocent but the evidence in the trial does not include the evidence that shows the person is innocent.  His lawyer in many cases is incompetent and/or drunk.  They are appointed by the state, paid by the state so they work for the state not the defendant.  They do not question the evidence and they do not put evidence into the trial that will show their the defendant's innocence.  In many if not most cases they know that the evidence that is submitted  by the prosecutor is not proper.  They know when witnesses are lying.

If you are on a jury and a jail house informant is on the stand the odds are that the witness is lying.  Most are habitual liars and do it as a process to get out of jail.  Each time they  are arrested they are put in a cell with someone the prosecutor wants to get and lie on the stand  to get out and come back again.  If  I get on a jury and they bring in a jail house informant there is no way I will vote to convict.

I have seen cops lie on the stand.  In one case it was so obvious that the judge got the bull shit look on his face. Knowing that the cop lied the defendant got three years in prison.   A judge told a defendant that she knew the cop lied but she had to rule as if his testimony was truthful.  She gave the defendant probation to compensate for the false conviction. 

I want to expose corruption.  If you have any cases please let me know.  I do want there to be evidence backing up the claim.  I am not afraid of pissing the corrupt officials off but I also want to be right.  If you wish you can remain anonymous. 


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