Bullock County Alabama

Stories About Intimidation and Gestopo Tacticts.

From a young lady in Bullock County.

When I was taken at gunpoint from my home in April 1999 and wisked to jail, they  put a black guy in the cell with me.  It was like he was planted there.  I had managed to get some cigarettes in there (had them stuck in my cast).  They were in my pocket and on the way to jail, I put them in the cast (lol).

Well it ended up that the guy had a lighter.

I was in there for a week.  He was as kind as kind could be, although it was totally awkward.  Nothing at all went on, out of line.

The day I was being carted off to prison, the guard there said to him, you know you gettin' to go home today.  That may have been his reward for being in there with me for a week.

I reported this, but of course nothing was done about it.  Isn't that just unheard of, a man and woman together in ANY cell anywhere - only in Alabama, I guess.

When they held my brother in jail for a month in 2000 because of 'hearsay' that he was driving with a license, they had a black guy planted in there with him. Whigham had a $400,000.00 bond on my brother, after letting him sit there for a month.

The black guy kept saying to my brother, don't you want to do that judge in, don't you want to kill him.  My brother knew NOT to join in that talk.  He finally told him to shut up that those thugs weren't going to get him to open his mouth about them.

So the black guy was released at the time my brother finally was.  That black guy probably got time off of his sentence too.

My brother lives under the terrorists' threats too, daily, and that's why he won't fight them.

My brother saw the black guy on the street after he got out.  He said that the black guy dodged him and wouldn't look at him.  my brother said, come on man, I don't hold anything against you, I know you were bribed into doing what you did in that jail.  The black guy confessed to my brother that he was put up to it, but said, man, I really didn't want to do or say anything to hurt you.  They are friends NOW, and I think the black guy had a lot of guilt that my brother forgave him for.

See?? Those dirty dogs need life without parole sentences.

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