Bad Cops


Why do good cops protect bad cops?  The same question can be asked of Doctors, Lawyers and other professions.

Don’t they realize that people would trust them more if they cleaned house and got rid of the bad guys.  As long as they protect them the whole profession looks bad.  By not cleaning house they are condoning the bad guys actions which leads people to believe that they are all bad.

I have met up with a lot of Detroit cops.  Some times it was because of being stopped for a traffic violation, being a suspected drug dealer and being busted for a felony (license fraud).  A few times I saw white cops who were bigots and to me bad cops.  Over the years since those times I met a lot of cops when I tended bar where most of the customers were cops and on the street.  I have noticed a big change.  The cops today that I meet up with seem to be good cops.  There are still some bad cops but on the not as many.

I am sure that this site will make a few cops mad.  I hope that the good cops realize that I am not downing them but only the bad cops.  The only argument with the good cops is the protection of the bad cops by the good cops.  If they would realize what the bad ones do to their image I think they would realize that it would be better to turn in the bad cops than to let them stay on the force.

On prison some one who tells is a rat and looked down on by the other prisoners.  His life is always in danger and when the guards are finished with him they may let the wolves have them.

Cops are not convicts.  The prisoners in most cases are bad guys.  Cops in most cases are good guys.  The code of silence must be broken.  The code of silence is to protect the bad guys.   The Mafia has a code of silence.  Prisoners have a code of silence.  It is the good guys job to break the code of silence. 

If a cop sees a crime in progress they are supposed to stop it no matter who is committing the crime.

Thousands of innocent people are in prison because of bad cops, prosecutors and judges.  A friend of mine was told by the judge that she found her guilty because of the police officer’s testimony even though she believed the defendant.  My friend got probation because the judge felt she was innocent but she had to go with what the officer said.

A friend went to prison for three years because a cop lied.  I could see in the judge’s face that he knew the cop was lying.  There were two other violations of probation so I can not say that the judge was wrong in sending him to prison.  He was not charged with possession so again the judge can not be faulted but if it were not for the other two violations would he have gone to prison?  I think so.

The following links are examples of bad cops.  If you have other links or cases that happened to you and you want added to the web site contact me at The Injustice System.


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