Police Brutality and Corruption

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Not all police are bad cops but the problem is that the good cops will not do anything about the bad cops.  Cops have a duty to enforce the law.  The are the law enforcement division of the government units.  Those cops who look the other way are not doing their jobs.


Something has to be done.  Cops have to police themselves and those who are corrupt, brutal and plant evidence must be prosecuted and jailed.


To the cops I say do your job.  To the prosecutors I say do your job,  To the judges I say do your job,  To the lawyers I say do your job.  If all of you do your jobs we would not have innocent people being beaten and killed by the cops.  We would not have innocent people going to prison.


In Detroit we had the Malice Green case.  I have friends who knew him.  He was murdered by the cops.  They did get prison time but were not their long enough.


I was in a holding cell soon after.  A young track star was in there.  He was running in his neighborhood and shot by a cop.  He did not hear the cop’s warning and did not see him.  The bullet went into the back of his head and tore out the bottom teeth on the left side.  He was in the hospital for 3 months and not allowed to see his family or talk on the phone.  He was not allowed to get a lawyer.  I do not know how it ended up.  I would imagine that he was rail roaded and sent to prison.


I am going to give you examples of police brutality and corruption.

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