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Let me Introduce myself. I am a Corrections Officer in a State Correctional facility and I have became interested in Advocacy of Inmates because I am a human being first. The biggest problem today in our CJ system is that we know how to catch them we know how to punish them and we have plenty of room to put them, but we have no idea what to do with them. For several years I have worked in the system and I love my job. A man that is locked away from his family and society is being punished for a violation of the law yet in the institution some COs try to dehumanize them and act as they have no worth which is how an officer can be abusive. Well I will say this it is less accepted than it has been in the past but it still goes on and men still are injured and mistreated and even killed.

I just want to say that I know what is right and I can help to change what is being done in our system and how Men and Women who are in the Custody are being treated. There are more that feel like me yet they are scared of ridicule, but I am not I want people to know that those days are gone and the Officers that do it need to be gone too.

I will write again soon just wanted to say hello and thank you for having this site.

We are a nation of people that were taught to destroy and replace instead of fix.  Maybe a Man or Woman who commit a capital offense deserve extreme punishment for their crime, but our system cannot agree on what that may be.  Especially regarding the death penalty.  Cruel and Unusual is not the word we need to use. The word is Barbaric. How can we teach our children how wrong Murder and such is when we say if you kick me I kick you back twice.  Yes we must pay for crimes that we may commit but our courts cannot write the check, because they have insufficient funds.

I am a CO in state run facility and I just want to say what most of you are working for I am also.

I see everyday what The Government says is not going on in our prisons.  Please Help Me and others like yourself make a difference not only for those that our incarcerated but for our own society as well.

Start Now by writing your State Reps and let them know that you know what is going on in the Prisons and want to see some change.  They will not care if we do not make them care.

I truly understand what you mean and I hope that I can give you something to help you out.  I have been in Corrections for over 3 years now but know more than I wish to know about corruption and abuse. And Yes there are some good COs and many more bad ones.  I am working on changing what I can in my time there.  Many CO's are shunned for having a care in their heart but I continue to be a humanitarian although there are some that make you want to just crack sometimes and do not respect you no matter what but for the most part if it is given it is received. Well just let me know what you really need and I will see what I can share.

Today We are all doing time in some way shape or form. Some of us in dead end jobs or bad relationships and even doing time with certain addictions.

I tell inmates all the time the only prison they have been sentenced to is the one they create in their mind. Yes there is cruelty and it is uncalled for behavior by staff. I try everyday to treat and give respect to Inmates as if they were my own family. I know I would not want someone to treat someone I care about that way.

Lets fight the real War in our Country and that is Politics. Our laws that are in place are only created for votes and public appeasement but the public does not really understand what is going on.

There are Death Row Inmates who accept their fate and who wish to die for the crimes they have committed.  I did some research some years ago and found that some serial Killers after they get caught which most of them want too that the death sentence is their next greatest accomplishment their overwhelming voice saying, "Look what I did and how well I did it." Another reward for their sick behavior. It is their way of getting attention and becoming the immortal they so think in their minds they are.

Then you have the people who feel remorse for their crimes and tell themselves it is what they deserve.  You know what is funny about this is most that say that in the beginning but over the years look back and think should I die?  Society has even instilled it into our heads that certain things are punishable by death so much that even the criminal believes it.

The families of the victims will have it no other way than to see the person responsible for their loved ones death to see the same fate. The terrible thing about this is it does not heal them it just helps a hatred inside them grow.

So to answer your question despite their words no man truly wants to die but so many people in our society kill themselves everyday not to die but to end the pain. I hope this helps I know I went a little out there but I would like to say something else.

My Friend I do not support the death penalty for many reasons but unlike those who stand and protest the inhumanity of it I protest the great injustice it serves. When a murder or any crime is committed the last thing on the persons mind is what the consequences will be. The penalty for Capital crimes is death yet do they deter people from killing?

The Death penalty is not fair because the same criteria does not apply to everyone. Each State has different laws so what one may die for another just gets life. Tim McVay committed a horrible crime was he punished fairly?

Our System of Justice is warped. We are not trying to better humanity we are on a witch hunt. we want to wipe society clean of what we call its misfits. The Price we pay is much more costly. Whether you believe in God or not what have we fixed by murdering another for his wrongs is death a punishment? I do not think so. I do know that a lawyer makes three times the money on a man sentenced to death than he does two men sentenced to life. who do the lawyers and Judges work for?? Answer that question my friends and we will have half our work done.

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