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Neal H Robbins #873098


Beaumont, Texas 77705


This is no every-day ordinary story though. This is a true story of heartache, ignorance, fear, tragedy, and injustice. This is not a made up story either. It has a terrible beginning and end.


You see, I am a prisoner in Texas.. I was sent to this place over five years ago to spend the rest of my life paying for a crime that I can not only say that I didn't do, but I can also say, "never happened." This death was not a homicide as the assistant medical examiner indicated in her autopsy.


None of this story is coming from my head. This isn't "my" side, of what happened. Everything within these pages has been taken from court documents, transcripts, and testimonies. This is not my opinion of what happened that tragic day. This is the facts, taken from the participants themselves.


My mother has sent me a lot of addresses through out the years.  I have only started writing to people and organization which focus on freeing the innocent a few months ago. Before then, my attorneys were telling me to let them do their jobs through the courts and before no time, I would be back in trial. So I waited.


Last year, when my last appeal was affirmed. I was left with no one to represent me. My family couldn't afford to pay my appellate attorney to continue to represent me because they had already been completely drained by that point. My family and I were left to fight this injustice alone.


That was when I started writing to anyone who would listen to my cries. I continued writing to organizations which focus on freeing the innocent; as well as, any pathologist I could get the address for.  I have gotten some very good responses to my letters. I have gotten the support from such people as: Brian W. Wice [Professor of law];: The Innocence Project [South Texas College of Law], Charles J. Weigel, II, J.D., LL.M. [Professor of Law and Executive Director of Law Institute for

Medical Studies]; and last but sure not least, Joseph A. Jachimczyk MD, JD [the former Harris County Medical Examiner for over 40 years and the founder of the Joseph A. Jachimczyk Medical Examiner's Center].


The Joseph A Jachimczyk Medical Examiner's Center is where this autopsy in question was performed at.


Like the many before me, I've seen how ill-hearted and unjust our justice system can be and has been. We've seen the names of Clarence Brandley, Roy Criner, and the countless others who are routinely convicted of crimes they didn't do.


I have more in relation to Mr. Criner and Mr. Brandley, other than fact that we were each convicted of crimes we were not guilty of. The connections that we have are not personal either; even though we were all convicted in the same county which has gained national attention for convicting the innocent, Montgomery County Texas. There has been a book "White Lies" and even a movie "White Wash" which focused on the corruption in this town.


My own grandfather, George W Morris, was Brandley's first attorney before he died. Mr. Brandley's second attorney,

Don Brown, also represented me out of respect for my family  even the investigator whose work contributed to Brandley's release, Richard Rayna, also joined in on my case.


The prosecutor who fought Mr. Criner's release from prison, even after DNA confirmed his innocence, was one of the prosecutors who stole my life from me.


A lot has changed in our society since their corrupt system in Montgomery County Texas engulfed Mr. Brandley. It took ten years before they would admit that they had an innocent man on death row. Yes, much has changed. But if you give me a moment, I truly believe it will shock you to hear how much of this broken system has stayed intact.


It's hard for people to understand that cases like mine exist.  Cases where an innocent man could stand trial to fight for his life against charges for a homicide which never happened. This is a case were there are no accomplices, no witnesses pointing their finger, no alternate suspects (although, there were other people present), no admission of guilt, nor any investigations of alternate hypothesis’s. In fact, the investigating "team" consisted of a Crime Watch Patrol Officer, who had never even testified in court before; and a detective who had only worked on one homicide back in 1982.


This is a case where an inexperienced medical examiner, who had only worked as an examiner for a few months and was required to be supervised (but wasn't), who did an autopsy on a person without any medical records or investigative reports concerning the incident. This examiner relied on pure assumption to interpret pathological findings.


There was so much information that wasn't known before my trial given during testimony that this nightmare could have been halted in its tracks. My attorneys made several attempts to relay this information; although, each attempt, the prosecutor objected.


The one thing that the state did have at its disposal was emotions. The largest disadvantage I face is your judgment of me before I am even able to show you the evidence which can prove to you that I am not guilty of this horrible accusation. I cannot be held responsible for this tragedy.


Please give me a few moments of your time to read this letter. I do understand that this is an extremely long letter to read. Please just sit down with it and grab a cup of coffee (or two) and read it.


I thank you for your time and help. .




Neal Hampton Robbins



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