Michael Lawrence

A DNA Case

May 11, 2003

Dear Lee,

I got your name and address from Henry Gorman #106110, who said that you could give some help with my case.

My case is a DNA case,  an expert DNA witness for the prosecutor testified to a Certificate of Analysis that she claimed the biological material found on the victims body matched my blood frequencies.  Looking at the actual DNA test results and her case note they tell an entirely different story.  

The DNA testing results used in this case was done by a machine called a promega powerplex machine.   The yield gel test sheer shows that none of the biological material tested was a match to my blood frequencies.  There are two product gel test sheets in this case. the first one shows that my blood frequencies match none of the biological material tested.  The second product gel test sheet only shows that the blood samples from the victim and the suspect were tested and again nothing indicated a match.

The Certificate of Analysis that was testified to by the so called DNA expert in this case shows that certain biological material was supposedly tested but when looking at the actual test sheets one can see that the material was never tested.

Lee if you can help  me that would be great.  What I need is a DNA expert to review the test results in this case and confirm what  he see's and write me a  Document of Confirmation.  THis way I can use the  Document of Confirmation to file a motion to the courts for a re-trial.

I have been working on my case since 1999 with nothing positive to speak of.   I have contacted numerous innocence projects who write back saying they are swamped with cases and they don't know when they would be free to work on new cases.

Lee Your help would be so appreciated.


Michael Lawrence

P.S.  If you need the test result sheets , I have copies to send you as you need them.

If anyone can help please contact Lee Gaylord  theinjusticesystem@castleofhopeforlostsouls.org .


Michael Lawrence #225240
Red Onion State Prison
P.O. Box 1900
Pound, VA 24279

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