My story, please hear me out.

First, I`d like to thank you all for your work in the community, and for providing hope to the people of the community and everywhere. Thank-you! "God" will bless you, and so will I, if there is anything I can do, please ask and I will.

I am Michael Lynn Brown, An African American/Native American, single black male. Tall, very dark and handsome, most people say. Never married. Athletic, and enjoy working out regularly. I also enjoy reading, writing, talking, all the arts, music, movies, theater, poetry, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.

My most profound love is for the Lord. I am a believer and a follower of the word of "God" regardless of my situation. More than anything now, thanks to "God" and my grandmother. I grew up in the church as a kid, when I wasn`t playing hooky; however, I have changed my times.

I was born and raised in the neighborhood/streets of Chicago, grew up and went to work/lived on both coasts, Cali and NY, as well as Miami. After going to high school and college in Madison, WI, where I was brought after the only parent I had at the time passed on. I come from a single family home of my mother. Practically rose by my grandmother (a holy woman) in the 70`s to 84, passing on in my teens. I thought the world was lost then, God rest her soul. I am the oldest of 6 siblings; I was the breadwinner and caretaker of my family. I love my family, and believe they love me sometimes, we are strongly connected. Right now they are not very helpful or supportive of me in my current situation (most are very young and preoccupied with other things).

I am college educated in business communication and entertainment. Currently, I`m educating myself in criminal law and private investigation, as much as I am able from where I am providing my current situation. I also do some writing when I can find spare time from my legal work. I`m writing an autobiography, and also a novel. I`ve had more than my fair share of trouble coming up as a kid and teen., until my 20`s, none of which really involved violence, just typical young street kids stuff, drinking, and drugs fencing.

Back in the late 80`s which involved protecting myself while being involved in that mess. All of which cost me my first trip to prison and my first conviction(s). In the 90`s, I became more positive, and more career orientated, and took some professional jobs in construction and entertainment industries, as well as owning and operating several of my own legitimate businesses (music production & promoting, limo service, escort service, club owner, talent agent & manager). Upon doing this, I called upon myself giving back, by hiring guys I knew coming up. People I met while serving my first prison sentence, family, and so called friends (which cost me to the ultimate, my life & my freedom).

During that time, I became overworked, overwhelmed, and unrest. I took on too much, and now that I look at it, neglected my family and my true friends (and lost them), for my life, my career, and business, which I thought would make me happy. It didn`t, because of the money and the success I was achieving, it only made things worse. I was unhappy, with a lot of enemies. I hate no one, they hated me.At this point, I knew I was hollowed; I had to fix me eternally.

I turned to drinking, partying, sexing, and my so called friends/associates who worked for me or with me, which lead me to getting 2 convictions and a 2nd prison sentence. I was now charged with 2 counts of solicitation for prostitution of minors (I was under the impression they were of age; I was given fake identification by them). I accepted my responsibility as the owner of the clubs and escort service. I pleaded, and was given 7 years in the state prison. During this time, I committed myself to "God", all that is good and positive. I continued to make the best of mylife, situations, and a 7 year state sentence, which you do approx. 1/2 of, 3 1/2 years. Right as my time was about to end, I was indicted on 03/15/01 by the feds, on a 21 count indictment of conspiracy to Hobbs Act and robbery charges. Some of the crimes, I had nothing to with. It wasn`t until my initial arraignment on 04/19/01, my first court hearing, that I was aware what the charges were for, who they pertained to, and who allegedly committed them.

I sat in the county jail for 8 months, trying to understand, asking "God" why me, and what happened. I was doing so good staying so positive, and I had nothing to do with this. During the process, I lost my homies, my lover, friend of 18 years, my youngest daughter a 9 year old model (she came down with a deadly disease of the pancreas), and my eldest daughter became homeless because her mother gave her up when she left me. I thought my whole world was coming to an end, I continued to pray to "God" I thought I would be able to walk free after proving my innocence, which I was working very hard to do under the circumstances.

I went to trial on 11-26-01, in front of an all white jury, not of my peers, not by choice of either; with my two co-defendants, who later confessed to me, my family, their attorneys, and the government`s attorney that they did these things, and I had nothing to do with them. With all this, they didn`t make the stand to tell the people who it really mattered to, the jury, "their right," I was found guilty on 12/08/01. I almost couldn`t believe it, and now here I am, serving 73 1/2 years for crimes I didn`t do, and had nothing to do with. This was a conviction that was fabricated, a bogus conspiracy built on lies for leniency, perjury for plea arguments by other alleged co-conspiracers, which were people who admitted to committing these crimes. I was found guilty, most of the people involved said I had nothing to do with the crimes, in fact, only one person lied and said I had something to do with 4 out of the 5 crimes I was convicted of, the other 3 people involved in 4 of the 5 crimes said I had nothing to do with the planning or action (none of these crimes were committed by me, that`s a fact that`s undisputed even by the A.U.S.A.).

Most of the people told different stories which didn`t involve me until eventually they did involve me, later on to get their plea deals. The people, who put me in these charges, are the people who did these things admittingly, and lied on me for their plea bargains. They got a little to no time at all, and are on the streets again. I got life in prison for a crime I didn`t commit, and it`s almost a year now since the jury found me guilty the judge sentenced me for this wrongful conviction unjustly. A conviction that was fabricated due to vengeance, politics, economics, racism and publicity; it was one of the biggest cases in this small town, ever. These charges were all on the state level first, and I was just a witness subpoenaed by the state to testify against my so called friends, not sure why?

One of my co-defendants went to trial on the state level and was acquitted, I refused to testify against him, ended up testifying and helping him, I guess that angered them. My old attorney told me that was one of the feds motives for coming after me. That, along with the fact that they never liked me anyway, since my wild teenager years. Though that was years ago, and even though I was in business for myself now (and it was legitimate), they still thought I was involved in drug dealing from then, which I was not. They also considered me a "black pimp", and said I was running a business that was degrading women, because of my club business with strippers and escorts; I have to say that I agree now. I never considered myself that, and that`s not what I was trying to do. The power that be in the all white conservative society hated that, and mar me for it, and stuck me in the involvement with the group that was doing these things. It didn`t help that most of the women were white, and the men black.
I knew them, I partied with them, and I considered some of them my friends back then. I had an intimate relationship with one of them, but I had nothing to do with what they were doing, and I told them that, the truth years ago, when they were supposedly doing these things, and when the investigation was ongoing. At the time, they brought the charges; these crimes had stopped being committed by them for years.

I am currently on a direct appeal, doing all and everything I can to learn, know and to understand the law and prove my innocence. I spend approx. 18 hours a day studying the law, and working on my case. My chances are great that I will prove my innocence one day, sooner or later, I know. I need some help from a good federal criminal appeals lawyer, a good private investigator, and good friends in the Chicago, Milwaukee area.

I`ve been doing a lot of networking, I`ve sent out 100`s of letters to lawyers, private investigators, law schools,politicians, senators, congressmen, and TV network media to no avail. And I continue to do it. Some, or most of these people don`t listen to inmates or convicts, they say, "they all claim they`re innocent." I really am, and can prove it, if someone would just look. Ican show them, and the helpful information seems to get better everyday. If only I could get someone, more people on the outside to help, to see, to speak for me, that would increase my chances.

Personally I need a friend, a special person, some help. I`ve had my share of experiences in relationships. I`ve dated a few women over the years, and was involved in different monogamous relationships in which both of whom I loved and was deeply in love, which lasted for years. In these major relationships, 3 children were produced out of love, Jasmine 13, Keya 10, and Michael Jr. 7. Though the relationships came to an unwanted end, I love my children unconditionally, and do all I can for them, through everything I did, I was a good parent. I think, though I know I could, can and will do better next time. Now, all I can do is send my love and support through communications. However, I do remain friends or associates with their parents; I have a deep respect for them and their new lives, relationships and spouses. One of whom takes care of my daughter, that`s not hers, but she has nothing, and nothing and nobody else. Because of all this, I learned a lot of relationships or people, myself, men and women, feelings, thoughts, emotions, upbringings and carriers. I`ve become smarter, more understanding, loving, caring, compassionate and more determined to make my next relationship work and last forever.

I`ve never stopped reading, studying, meditating, praying and just talking to "God", asking him for his help and direction in my life and situation, trying to keep the faith, trying not to ask why; just abiding by "God`s" rules and laws, it`s the first thing I do before I go to sleep. As well as all day long, if and when I`m not fighting my case to prove my innocence. I`m doing as "God" will have me do, following him.

However, I know I need help; I can only do so much from here. I need a friend, federal appeals lawyer, private investigator, a journalist, and/or friend to help with some/all of the above.

Thank you with my most sincere love, and God Bless.

Please Help!

© Copyright 2003 Michael L. Brown

Michael L. Brown
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