Mexican Prisons

I had an e-mail from a young lady whose husband is in a Mexican Jail awaiting trial for killing a man who attacked him.  We haven't decided about doing a web page for him yet but I decided to look into the Mexican prison system and I found something interesting. 
If you escape from prison and do not break any laws, you will not be charged for anything and if you are caught time will not be added to your sentence.  Prison escape is not illegal.  If you avoid capture by the police it is not a crime.  Lying on the witness stand when testifying in your case is not perjury.  All of these things are human nature and there not only legal but considered to be the right thing to do.


Court yard Mexico's CERESO I Prison

This prison has private enterprise among the prisoners.  The food stand is owned and operated by prisoners. They also have cable TV if they can afford it.  Prisoners can shine shoes, do laundry or start businesses to make money.

US corporations are opening workshops in Mexican prisons to train prisoners to work in factories. (Why not in the US.)

Mexican Legal System Overview

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