Memorials for the prisoners who were executed Many were Innocent.

Amos King's Look at this site and you will wonder why he is on death row. Executed 12/26/03
Bill Kutzner  Innocent TX Executed 8/7/02
Bob Coulson executed 6/25/02 may have been an innocent man
Bruce Jacobs  Executed May 15, 2003
Earl Bramblett Innocent man executed 4-9-03 I know Earl was innocent because the real killer threatened to kill mae
Gary Etheridge  An innocent man killed by Texas  8/20/2002
Granville Riddle - Executed January 30.2003
Hasan Baz'il Shakur  Memorial for a innocent man murdered by the state of Texas 8/31/2006
Lynda Lyon - executed 5/10/02
Michael ThompsonWas an innocent man executed on 3/13/03
Toronto Patterson Executed 8/28/02
William R. Jones - Executed on 11/20/2002
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