Medical Neglect

The prison inmate are humans just like you and I.  Some are good people and some are bad people.  Many are in prisons because of drugs (selling, using, stealing to get money for drugs, murder while committing a robbery, murder during a drug buy that went bad.)  If these people were not on drugs would they be in prison?  Probably not.  Is the fact of their addiction an excuse for their crime?  No.  

Many of them find themselves in prison and realize that they are there because of their drug addiction.  Many recover from their addiction.  Many have Hepatitis C and AIDS from their drug use.  Hepatitis C is also spread in the prison system because of unsanitary conditions.

As in the communities outside the walls the inmates inside the walls are subject to disease.  Cancer and other life threatening diseases are also found in prison.  Any disease in prison can become life threatening because of medical neglect.  There are doctors who are not licensed to practice medicine,  incompetent doctors who can not work elsewhere.  There are also nursed who never heard of TLC or think it means Treat Like Crap.  Then you have prisoners as aids who in  some cases are the only ones who have any competance and in other cases are as bad as the others.  Then comes the guards who do not give a shit.

Hepititas, AIDS and other deseases go untreated.  Infections are caused by neglect.  Prisoners in extreme pain are not given pain pills.  The more I see the more I wonder what country I am in and what century this is.  The conditions in many if not most prisons are pre midevil  conditions.  

Are the majority of people in this country asleep?  Are our leaders asleep?  I was asleep but when I got involved in this web site I woke up.  What I have found since the middle of June, 2002 has made me sick.  I blame the Governors for the abuse because they have to know if they do not they are incompetant.  It is not hidden.  All you have to do is go to the search engines and look up prisons, abuse, innocent and death and most of what I have in this website will be there.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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