Would You, Could You, be the neutral, unbiased Judge, our and their Constitution or Laws, supposedly provides for its citizens? Of which, I and Thousands are or were, denied by mind blinding Mass Hysteria. Be You, the Jury of my peers(equals), to hear, read, verify the true facts, trial jury were denied there of? Again, PLEASE.
    Ninety percent or more of what I know about Poor Rachel's murder, came from police documents, tip sheets, lab reports, evidence, testimony, etc. Purposely, were not used by my court forced upon me counsel. Six of those follow this true non-fiction truth seeking Mission statement.  

    Velda, Rachel's maternal mom, was accused by Rachel, of having to have threatened to kill Rachel, and take her baby. (Shannon, Girl) see document one. There are many such reports.  Rachel told the same story about me, first time I met her, two months later. BEYOND a doubt, the worst sin I have ever done was to send a letter to media, or Velda, saying she would feel GOD'S WRATH, for having murdered her daughter. Being already physically tortured, paraded (spit on), (Buffalo, N.Y.), and then suggested by my mom and crack headed brother, the Velda threatened Rachel 'story'. NO EXCUSE, IT IS THE REASON, irregardless. (Wink) I apologize with all electromagnet Conscience (Goodness of soul), to Velda, and to those to whom, hurtful words, have hurt them. You Judge, solve and find Shannon? Read on.

    Rachel, facing a, at least third time, in Newaygo county Michigan jail, all on drug charges, falsified a police report. She said Marv had raped her, having had vaginal sex, 4 times. She reluctantly had a rape kit done, parroting her two month earlier 'story', about Velda, about me. See document No. two. In any other circumstance, that lab report would, eliminate any possibilities of the accused, being prosecuted. I did, and you may, call the" Ph. no., or any lab, gynecologist, book, whatever. Her written police statement was she feared pregnancy, as she did not have a douche. State police lab tech., told me, would not matter. Sperm does not wash out, completely, ever. Testable amount of the little guys, never see the light of day again. That "vaginal smears" are outside the inside, meaning she did not have sexual intercourse, but wiped it on herself, from her hand. Charged with 4th degree sexual misconduct (date rape), 6 months probation IF (impossible if), convicted. My friend Wayne Davis, made a written police statement, of truth, that others also heard, that being, Rachel, came on to me, and said "take me down by the river, I will suck your D___”, too Marv. Wayne bonded me out of jail, when I was arrested on the fake rape charges. He is my witness, not corrupt prosecutors. See Michigan attorney grievance commission, file 2057-99, contains evidence of police and prosecutorial 'misconduct' (corruption, in real world).

    Let us now review the true facts, about Rachel's murder, so Shannon may be rescued, given onto her Loving family. Please see document three. Read all six?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I have 2 other tip sheets, they are from ladies, whom were told directly by Eddie, that he had raped, murdered Rachel, and sold Shannon. One says he did it for David. Police never checked Eddie's D.N.A. to that of pubic hair, found in Rachel's jeans during autopsy. Lawyers and my family destroyed my copies of original autopsy report. Prosecutors/police/state lab obviously lied too F.B.I.  Special Agent in Charge Roberta Gilligan or convolutedly (twisted together) F.B.I., altered the truth. Please read document 4. Used at stage trial so F.B.I. expert, a side of his mouth liar, could say that the "unknown hair could have blown in from anywhere", for Judge, jury and selected audience's, at stage trial ENTERTAINMENT.

    Many tip sheets Identify Edward Start, as a crack head/speed freak, pimp. one claims' she saw Rachel hooking on Grand Rapids, Michigan's, very tough N.W. side, and "hanging out with Eddie", summer 1995. The letters of Rachel's from jail, depict a different person, a "saw the light of Christ person". She tattooed a cross where it could easily be showed off on her hand.  She was released too consequent house arrest, at daddy's home. She dropped charges on fake rape, stating she did not want to go back to jail, for falsifying a police statement. Now, she told her parents she wanted to "date a John", permission granted. Tip sheet I have, a woman saw Eddie Start, pick up Rachel AND baby Shannon, from Laverne (Tim) Timmerman’s home. It has address, ph. full name of witness:-Next night, a concerned friend, talked to her at a party, asked her where Shannon was, as she was not there.

    Rachel's friend was told by Rachel, whom was with Eddie, that she had left Shannon, with a friend of Eddie's. This tip sheet also contains witnesses name, address, etc.  Apparently police kept many important facts, from Victims family, public, JUDGE, Etc. Uninformed, Mr. Timmerman, testified "I was last person to see them alive". Thanks too Judge forcing me to be represented by Lawyer, whom attends coke parties, with, Those evil ones, whose crimes are described in file 2057-99, Call Lawyer Donald Campbell 313-961-6585 at Attorney grievance Committee, of course its lawyers, covering up lawyers crimes, WHO ELSE WOULD?
    Mr. Timmerman found two cement blocks, on north, state of Michigan, jurisdiction bigger, better half of Oxford Lake, in Newaygo county Michigan photos, dubbed "Crime scene photos, by my court forced upon me lawyer, Paul Mitchell. Over 600,000 dollars, to protect Eddie, prevent Shannon’s rescue, and try to silence the innocent one (Marv), via murder by execution. ‘BIG FAT LIAR'!!! Judge Bell, gave the money too him, with sealed, and off the record GOOSE stepping orders.
    Two Blocks, with florescent orange paint on them, from 'MY SIGN', please catch the care and LOVE, visualized in document five, were found attached to poor Rachel. The photos clearly show her floating in/on MICHIGN waters. The Sign was one half mile from, over hill, from, My Non-Profit, Christian Book Store/Church of Truth, A.A. of Friday Evenings.  25_miles_from the sign, I had a Campsite, next too, Great swimming, shopping, Dog Dunks, for my Flight coat retriever, formerly known as 'YOGI', now dubbed 'Buddy', under her oppression, by sister Chris. Yogi is funnier, more intelligent, loving and loveable (consequently), more than ninety nine percent of what passes for humans, on GREEDY, MURDEROUS, DISHONEST, earth as YOU, LET IT BE! At, campsite, on F.B.I. inventory list, was two untraceable cement blocks. 8 miles past my very public campsite, a grieving father, found two cement blocks, also untraceable. AreYOU, THEY, so Fed up with Hysterical mind blinding hate, that you believe, I, or anyone, would drive 25 miles, extra, to take blocks, put them on a 170 pound, suety, 19 year old KID, and but her in a lake, with a federal campground on it. In any media outlet, anyone capable of READING could easily find numerous reports, of smaller people, coming to surface with 4 or more blocks attached. I don t know, Velda may know, but common sense, and one tip sheet, MORE, connects my crack headed, L.S.D., Opium, pot dealing brother with Eddie start. As A Real F.B.I. agent,(willing to be honest, not let corrupt local pigs, deal dope to KIDS), this case lacks thus far, could easily prove, that David Gabrion, dealt dope with and FOR, several State and Newaygo county police, for 30 years and running. They buy land, he cuts the tops and trees off, runs ads "Discounts for firewood for the elderly" then he and his mother, collect, usually 2-6 hundred dollars from them. He takes, maybe one 75 dollar load. They call Sheriff's, state police, or prosecutor, are told "No crime committed", at least one called, Federal PROS in Grand Rapids, EVIL LAWYERS who put me here. Targeting elderly for scams is a felony unless, you’re David Gabrion coking it up with judges, lawyers, and PIGS. Marv, as THEY, all know, brought that to GOD'S light of truth! None-the-less, corrupt pigs, claim my sisters, or Davies drug leader (amphetamine expert), his mom, would call trying too focus investigation, on Crazy Davie, best buddy of Stephen Chistenson, whom he enticed into raping-Rachel's sister.

    The two blocks, on north side give me hope that Shannon is ALIVE, I suppose Eddie was going to use two blocks, so Shannon would stay down, so as, blind in mind, world wide hate, would, rest fully on me, as it is. Much more importantly ONE tip sheet is undeniable in its accuracy and geographical situs; it contains Name, address, etc. I am asking again, for ANY conscientious person to contact me. Velda? Her Hubby? An unknown hero or heroine?

    They, Atty. Kevin McNally, of Frankfort Kentucky are openly assisting the corrupt Stage show of lies to stick. There are 47 Tip sheets missing, he knows it and helps them get away with murder. Document six, is one of dozens attempts by me too get truth of Eddie’s and his fellow conspirators’ guilt, and my complete innocence of rape, murder, assassination, TOO full public view. Judge Bell has issued unconstitutional orders preventing me from contacting any honest human, with any courage, sealed orders silencing the press. Off the record, highly, communistic phone call, too warden Olsen, My only contacts are with my dopey family, and hand picked evil "pen-pals", all selected by Unit staff, and two guilty as hell; hell bound Catholic's (Using Catholics, not really catholic). Lee Gaylord, is the one, I hope, exception, for Shannon and her family's sake.

Tip sheet where Eddie admits guilt

FBI lab report about DNA

Request for court order - Defendant's right to claim and prove innocence

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