The Grandmother’s Story of Baby Ma’Laya D. Wimmer

I am the grandmother of a child that was taken from my daughter and accused my daughter of shaken baby syndrome and child felony neglect. The court appointed attorneys are refusing to look at the vaccine connection.

On Friday, November 1, 2002 Ma’Laya Wimmer, at the age of four months was given her second set of immunizations at her pediatrician’s office. She had the DTaP, Hib, IPV and Prevnar.  She was a premature baby who was affected with a rare syndrome (twin to twin transfusion) that affects only one out of every 6,000 pregnancies according The National Organization of Rare Disorders ( So adjusting for her prematurity she was only two months old.

My’Laya didn't act like herself over the weekend. She was fussy, crying, and not eating. That is why her mother took her back to the pediatrician two days later on November 3rd because she noticed that Ma’Laya was occasionally jerking. But the pediatrician did not see the jerking and said everything was fine. So the mother and baby returned home.

Later that night Ma'Laya was admitted to Carilion Roanoke Community Hospital with sustained seizures.  The Emergency Room doctor said she was having seizures “back to back.”  The pediatrician admitted her to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). During this 24 to 48 hour period the seizures were not easily controlled, but were eventually controlled with three drugs.

According to the records:
Ma’Laya had a CT scan and a lumbar puncture. A dilated eye exam showed diffuse retinal hemorrhage in the right eye.  She had a “high pitched cry” and behaved as though she had sustained a head injury. She had altered mental status, poor muscle tone and suck.

So the pediatrician said that the high pitched crying, right retinal hemorrhage and protracted encephalopathy were symptoms of a definite diagnosis of “Shaken Baby Syndrome.” They contacted the protective child services. The doctor suggested that the child be placed in foster care and we get visits twice a month, one hour each visit.  

I started researching vaccines and their side effects.  I weighed the pros and cons.

I was fortunate enough to get two doctors’ opinions in this case. Dr. Harold Buttram, an environmental doctor from Pennsylvania, and Dr. Michael Innis, hematologist from Australia who sent me opinion papers concerning my granddaughter’s condition.

Dr. Harold Buttram showed how vaccines and vitamin C depletion are involved with Shaken Baby Syndrome in his article “Vaccines, Vitamin C Depletion and Shaken Baby Syndrome” published in September 2003.

Dr. Innis took his time and went through every shot that Ma’Laya had been given. It was the Hib shot that was the culprit. I went even further and checked the vaccine records from the NICU and found she was only 6 pounds and 3 ounces when she received those shots. Also when Dr. Innis reviewed her records, he said she was not given the Vitamin K shot that would have prevented the retinal hemorrhage.

 I also had advice from a registered nurse, Susan Kreider from Philadelphia who composed a chart showing the amount of thimerosal that my granddaughter had received in her vaccines. The chart showed the amount of mercury over the “safe” amount as determined by the EPA and FDA.  She told me, “This absolutely disgusts me.” One of the shots had a number that was listed on VAERS as a “hot lot,” but the doctor at the hospital says it isn’t the vaccines.

My daughter was arrested in January 2003 for Felony Child/Abuse. The first court appointed attorney has resigned after we protested his lack of investigating the real cause of the baby’s injuries. The second court appointed attorney wants to go to trial on December 1, 2003 and he has not looked at the vaccine connection either. He is looking at my daughter and saying, “You know she was shaken!”  

Her first lawyer wanted her to plea bargain. He did everything but sign the paper for her. He scared her to death. That is why I'm writing this paper and she's not. He told her that a jury would eat her alive and the judge has a handicapped child and is going to want to know why her child is handicapped. The second lawyer has her scheduled for a trial before the jury but he also offered her a plea bargain.

Ma’Laya is developmentally behind, but we have known all along she would be. The doctors say she is cortically blind, but that can happen from TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.) She doesn't appear to be blind to me because I notice her looking at things. I can see these improvements, but yet it seems the doctors are overlooking them.  Her medical records show a line saying “problems at birth” and it is checked, but the doctors and the lawyer seem to not be taking this into consideration.  They are not considering the facts that premature children can’t tolerate mercury in vaccines.

They are covering themselves. My daughter had to see a high risk doctor during her pregnancy, yet the hospital let the regular doctor who was on call deliver the baby.  

The doctors had the baby on Reglan for acid reflux. That drug causes seizures. The Neurologist said that the condition of the baby’s brain is what one would expect for a baby that weighed less than three pounds at birth. There was no blood, no broken bones or bruise on the baby’s body.  

She was in the babysitter’s care and seized for over an hour before she was taken to the emergency room. This was two days after taking her second series of vaccines.  The baby-sitter said in a preliminary hearing that she didn't take her to the doctor because she wasn't her mother! She could have at least called 911 for an ambulance to get her. The baby sitter who was a Certified Nursing Assistant called my daughter at work and told her that she thought that she ought to take her to the doctor after she got off from work, but didn’t even tell her that she had been seizing. So my daughter didn’t even know it was an emergency.

Sharon St.Clair

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