Luke Johnson

Victim of the MD Injustice System



On May 10, 1980 I picked up two girls to go to a keg party in Clear Spring, MD.  One of the girls said that I raped her which is not true.  We both drank beer and smoked pot.  Now let me say I was 19 years old and she was 17 years old, married with a kid. 


After leaving the party, I was ready to take both girls home but they wanted to ride around.  During this time we were all still drinking and smoking pot.


When I went to see my brother at the Army Base the one girl flipped out and ran into the cornfield that was by the base.  After seeing no one was there Cindy and I went looking for Wendy but couldn’t find her. 


Upon returning to my car Cindy said to me, and I quote, “Of you promise to take me home I will give you the best fuck you never forget.”   So I had sex with her in the car and after we got done I went to drop her off at her apartment.


She didn’t want to go there but to the Delmar (a restaurant and Bar).  So I went back behind the apartment and to take a leak and when I got back into the car Cindy was naked and asked me to have sex with here again and I did.  After the second time I dropped her off where she wanted and went home.


On May 11, 1980 around 1:30AM the police showed up at my home and told me that I was wanted for questioning on a rape charge.  I told them that I didn’t rape Cindy but she  consented to sex.


Now here are some facts that will prove she was lying.  I was driving a straight stick on the column so here I am driving, drinking beer, holding her as she said and changing gears.  How can I be doing all of that and holding her too?


She also said that she jumped out of my car which is a lie too.  The hospital report states that the clothing was undamaged.  If she would have jumped out as she said wouldn’t her shirt and jeans have been torn and ripped? 


She also testified that she didn’t want to press charges against me… she said in court it was either charge him (me) or lose my husband and kid so I put these charges on him.


With all of these facts the jury still found me guilty of first degree rape and I was sentenced to life in prison.  There was not threat of harming her and there were “no” bruises on her.  Remember she said she jumped out of my car so why weren’t there any bruises.  Because she didn’t jump, I left her out where she wanted to go and that was the Delmar Inn.


If anyone out there can help me get my sentence reduced or get me out of prison I would appreciate it very much.  I miss my family and my father passed away since I came to prison and I want so badly to visit his grave site and say how badly I am missing him.


Luke Johnson


13800 McMullen Highway

Cumberland, MD 21502-5622


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