Loss of Job Leads to Loss of Life

Jim was an ex-con.  Thanks to a Work Opportunity Credit my client hired him.  This tax credit is an incentive to employers to hire people who are in a position where it is difficult to find work and people who are receiving aid.  Certain ex-felons and veterans are included.

Jim became the second in command at the company.  He traveled to Southeast Asia for the company to help set up the machines that were sold.  He became the sales manager and supervised the shop foreman.

Things were going good for Jim. He had a company car, a good salary and got a discount on the rent for a house on the property of the company.  Best of all he was staying clean and sober.

Before he came to work he was in Jackson Prison for armed robbery.  

His boss saw the potential in Jim and the help from the government made it hard to pass up giving the man a chance.

Jim fell in love with the secretary.  They were caught having sex in his office during working hours.  The secretary started to slack off on her work thinking he would protect her job.  Then she started getting an attitude with the people that called in.

The boss told Jim that she had to go.  Jim said that he would go if she got fired.  She got fired and he quit.

The company was North of Detroit.  The secretary dropped him and he had to move out of the house and went back to Detroit.

Back in Detroit he got involved with his old buddies.  He went back using drugs.  He did some selling to pay for his habit.  He was fast on the fast track back to prison.

This story has two endings, the police version and the street version.  As you may suspect I am more inclined to believe the street version.

The Police version:

He broke into a house.  He was armed and the home owner came in with his shotgun, saw the weapon and shot him.

The Street version:

A man owed him a sizable sum of money.  The man finally said he had the money and told him to come to his house to get it.  The man told him to come in the back door.  
When he got there he came to the back door.  The man told him to come in and shot him, planted a gun on him and broke into the door with a Jim’s tire iron.  He wiped the tire iron and put Jim’s prints on it.

The police story may sound more believable but I would bet on the street story.  We will never know.  Jim was DOA.  There were no witnesses.  It was either a perfect murder or self defense.  

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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