Loraine Serrano

Loraine was a mom at 17 and started to run a muck with older men and drugs when her marriage fell apart after about a year. She left me her daughter and went hog wild. On occasion she would come to see us. Finally in her early 20's she met a man who was in his middle forties, Ruben. This man was so controlling and abusive, that once he put a shotgun to her head. She went to the police, but they did nothing. (Loraine was abused by her father and was raped at about 18)

Loraine was living with a girl named Christy and her and Christy had a bad drug problem. Loraine had met a man, nearly 50 who sold drugs, his name is Carmelo, but they called him Tony, and he knew Loraine as Deanna) I am not sure if Ruben got jealous of this Tony or he was just evil, but he convinced Loraine to rob this Tony of his laptop. When this Tony came to see Loraine, Ruben and another man, Joseph, attacked Tony to rob him. They took his things, i.e. wallet, watch, laptop.

Meanwhile, Loraine and Christy are upstairs scared and hiding because it turned out to be a big brawl, with Joseph hitting Tony with a machete and Ruben hitting him with a fire log. Tony escaped and the men ran. Christy's grandmother had come home and police were called. Loraine was interrogated for 8 hours and then arrested. Christy was not arrested. Weeks later Joseph and Ruben were found and all three were charged with torture and aggrivated mayhem (both life sentences.)

They were tried together. We hired an attorney, but the judge did not allow him in the trial, so within 3 weeks the trial was over. Ruben and Loraine were found guilty, but Joseph was found, not guilty?????? Christy was supposed to testify as she was NOT arrested, but quickly disappeared and never did testify.???

I am not only puzzled by the outcome of this and have been looking for help for over 5 years, because it seems that in the US you cannot undo a wrong. I have all of the court documents, but I am not an attorney, so there is not much that I can do with it.

This trial was a joke and I do not think that Loraine should pay with her life. By the way, Loraine is a model inmate, lives in the honor dorm works at the factory, full time and also takes college classes. Without the influence of these much older men she has blossomed into a smart and productive human being, but I am not surprised, as I knew she was there all along.

My granddaughter, Alyssa, and I are never going to give up on trying to rectify this, I only wish we had some help as the legal system is so difficult to understand. How can Joseph be found innocent and Loraine, ( not even in the room) be guilty? This crime that the prosecutor invented was meant to get Ruben for many years as she (prosecutor) had encountered Ruben before and had lost. The court was determined to get him and did not care about Loraine and her family. They just were not interested in Joseph.

From what I hear "Tony" is now in prison for drugs, (at the time of this case he already had 4 felonies) Joseph is still running a muck gang banging and Christy's grandma died, but Christy, could not afford the taxes as she spent every dime on dope that she lost grandmas house and lives in cheap motels with her 2 kids. Finally, Ruben lost his cookies and talks to lizards. The first couple of years he would write to Loraine, but like I said the drugs finally took their toll.

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