On the occasion of transfer to the notorious Indiana SHU control unit at Carlisle, IN

    In prison, commitment to revolution has a very special meaning and a special price paid To be identified as a revolutionary by prison authorities means an almost permanent denial of parole, separation from the other prisoners, solitary confinment (usually in the maximum security wings of the prison) transfers from one prison to another. beatings and bad food. It brings down on you the entire punitive and represive force of a completely totalitarian system.

George Jackson


    In light of the many contradictions at the Maximum Control Facility in Westville,1ndiana, and in conjunction with the collective effort on behalf of the prisoners challenging those violations of policy and procedure which currently exist on the administrative segregation pod {A-pod A/S}, I believe I have been moved as part of the attempt to separate those of us promoting these challenges.

    On January 30, 2003, MCF staff approached my cell and advised me to pack up my things, as I was being moved. This was about 6 a.m. I screamed out to advise the comrades of this move. and began packing up my property, contemplating my destination. This transfer was coming on the heels of my two years spent at MCF, having been sent there from Pendleton Conectional Facility on January 16, 2001, under "temporary status," due to renovations being made on the cell house. This latest transfer came as a surprise, since two days earlier my sister had been advised by the commissioner's office that I was appropriately placed. On second though, this is the usual deceitful procedure followed by the prisoncrats contemplating a
change in status.
    My Property was placed in the van and we began the joumey, a long and exhausting one, close to 4 1/2 hours, and deep into the heart of Klan territory. All I saw on the journey was endless stretches of land and cornfields. As we approached the facility, a murky fog emerged from the ground, and I felt I was on my way to and Angola styled prison straight out of the Black Belt south, where racist white folks run theshow.


    The atmospbere within the units receiving area was very disturbing. I was placed in a non-contact visitation booth, told to strip, and given new clothing. Many of the white officers were coming to look at me, like I was a prize catch who ran away from the slave plantation. Some of these big corn-fed white male officers couldn't miss their chance to say they'd been waiting to see this guy they all called the correctional officer killer. This is my first time housed in the WVCF, and my first time in the "horror house", the notorious SHU. So of course I was primed for almost any form of disrespect to be directed toward me. Three red-faced S HU officers escorted me from their receiving area to cell A-201, in what is considered the SHU units administrative segregation long-term section. There are three other prisoners housed in this area. Next door to this section is A -I section, considered Adminjstrative segregation short-term. Twelve prisoners are housed in this section.

    After screening my cell, and cleaning up the sink and the toilet, I noticed they had a camera on the wall trained on my cell. Several prisoners confirmed to me that the camera had been recently installed. Whenever I am in my cell, I am being watched to the advantage of those who operate this unit. This is an ugly hell-hole, designed to strip ones of their hope, sanity, determination and, ultimately, to steal one's life. Solidarity is a must between like-minded revolutionary prisoners to combat the obvious intentions they have to slowly break ones down.


On January 31, the second day after my arrival. the SHU property room officers brought me my property, or what I had hoped was everything that came with me. After scanning the approved inventory list I noticed that many things were missing. This was the point at which they handed me a second list, a "confiscation list" describing what they deemed I could not possess. The following are the items that were restricted :
    (1)  Fifty-four revolutionary political science books
    (2)  Eight magazines
    (3)  Three toothbrushes
    (4)  Six toothJmstes
    (5)  Six deodorants
    (6)  Two fingernail clippers
    (7)  Two bottles of baby oil
    (8)  One bottle of mouth wash
    (9)  One skin cream
    (10) One bottle of Drakken cologne
    (11) Seven pencils and pens
    (12) One jar of Vaseline
    (13) One face trimmer
    (14) One can shaving cream
    (15) One radio
    (16) One watch
    (17)  Four hundred and thirty one family pictures
    (18) One address book
    (19) Two headphones

    I am convinced that the Department of Corruption are working real hard to stagnate and arrest the political development occuring in these prisons. The confiscation of our books to me is an indicator that their aim is to breed a reliance on video pap (all the police shows on the tube and cop propaganda like "Cops"), amd thereby interrupt the natural progression to contiousness that comes from reading.
    I have filed a complaint about the confiscation of all my boots and revolutionary literature and the cosmetics. If we are going to be sanctioned to long term segregation status we should be allowed to have full access to all property. They gave me only five books and five magazines, selecting those they deemed fit  Blatant racism.


There are a lot of contradictions and violations existing unchallenged in the A/S sections. The first day I was herc I was privileged to read ad seg policy 02-01-111.. This revealed to me many things we are supposed to have by policy. There are sixteen A/S prisoners on this unit. Per policy we should be provided group recreation, two prisoners at a time inside or outside.

    This unit is not in compliance. We are being escorted to and from recreation and the showers in handcuffs. They are extremely disorganized in the operational functions of this newly opened unit. They are blatantly denying us our guaranteed rights and privileges that this policy clearly outlines. For instance, they fail to provide sufficient exercise outlets, and do not provide jump ropes, board games, hand balls, exercise bikes, etc. We are being sanctioned to do long term segregation; if they feel the need to keep us in the unit, then they must provide all the necessary exercise gear provided to other A/S units.

    Policy says A/S prisoners will be provided an option of indoor or outdoor rec. We are allowed only outdoor rec, subjecting our immune systems to colds, germs, infection.


        In this unit there are porters who are released to sweep and mop the floor outside the cells. They will allow us to do our cells with their equipment.  However, as is practice in cells all over the state, whisk brooms and security-ready hand-held johnny mops should be made available to prisoners to clean their cells thoroughly as needed, especially during lockdowns.
    Every prison housing unit where human beings are held must follow all Indiana Health Code regulations. I have encouraged ones to contact by mail the Indiana Board of Health concerning our denial of mops and brooms. Unit mops (from porters) are often used to clean  body wastes and urine and mopping our cells with these mops would spread germs.


    This SHU unit does not have any windows and appears damn near like a basement. It is void of any sunlight on a permanent basis. One of the first things I became aware of after I arrived was how they use the heating and cooling systems as behavior modification controls. As I write, it feels like my hands are buried in a foot of snow. By manipulating the temperature in the units, I assume they want us to resort to staying in as much as possible, wrapped in wool blankets to keep warm.

    I. have rarely been in an A/S unit without windows. If one is not careful, one can slip away from or become detached from reality. In addition, there are two flood lights in our cells that remain on even when one is cut off by a motion hand switch.

    We are all non-contact visitation, which helps to further erode family ties, emotional relationships and support we have on the outside. I have been fighting for two years to be returned to Pendleton was outlined to me, requesting my outside help to write the I.D.O.C. and support this claim. To now be transferred to yet another facility will tend to burn out people who see what appears to be arbitrary capriciousness in assigning me to this, that and the other cage.

    If this is their plan. then I will expose the contradictions and attempt to fall off the radar long enough to make a push for general population. This seems unlikely, but the possibility now is greater than ever.

    Another thing I see as low-intensity psychological warfare is their limit of one twenty minute phone call per week. This is the only unit I know of that limits like this. Other units allow a hour exercise period during which one has unlimited access to the phone.  The twenty minute sanction has been used for rule violators on Disciplinary Segregation. A punitive application. To extend this to all A/S prisoners seems just a further attempt to dehumanize, isolate and break down the prisoners here on this unit.

    I have already mentioned this in a letter to the Superintendent. and the others are joining. I refuse to accept this.


    After only five days in this facility, I have been given a crash course in the racist politics of this SHU unit by some of the prisoners. I have been told of several outright murders by these racist ones. They run in groups to dehumanize prisoner. A few big white cornfed officers were forced to resign or were fired after their involvement in these deaths were reported. In one case a rag was stuffed down ones throat yet cause of death was stated as "blunt force trauma" to the head These people seem to feel they are above law, and I am beginning to concur.

    They have a crew of five male officers who have been witnessed violating the content of prisoners' trays, spitting and putting cigarette ashes, urine and cleaning fluids in their food. They remove chicken and other items from the trays, stating that, "You don't deserve to eat like this." This news is particularly disturbing to me because I have the label of "murder of a DOC officer" in this facility. So it is no question of the possibility of poisoning, and pushing my buttons to make me lose control. These are a bunch of reactionary, emotionally-driven racists.

    Thus far things have been cool, but today at 2:30 pm the shift supervisor and several other officers came to see who I was. One had the nerve to ask me if I was alright and situated. I'm eating only bread and crackers, hoping to secure resources to purchase commissary, so I will not have to eat off trays they are playing with. Having the camera on my cell. I don't think they will try to get too silly. But they prepare the food outside the range of the camera. Many complaints have been filed. but rumor has it these ones have the green light to run the unit as they see fit.
    I have read several of these complaints, and it is not surprising to learn that there have been severe retaliations. Many are becoming afraid to chalIenge the contradictions, fearing they will come under attack. Recently, an eight-inch steel shank was planted in a prisoner's cell. One who was filing grievances.  He was found guilty of possession of the weapon and sent to the disciplinary wing. I will reach out to him in an attempt to get his story out to the public. It is imperative that we begin to build solidarity, so that they will never feel comfortable isolating and violating us on an individual basis.
    This is why it is so imparative that outside activists keep a close eye on this unit and its bloodthirsty nature. I am going to come under attack, because I will be organizing around any violations that I can prove by focusing on standard policjes and procedure.

    There was another prisoner who wrote the I.D.O.C.  His complaints were legitimate and along the lines of requesting release from A/S because of a clear conduct report. A copy of this request was returned to the SHU unit officers, who immediately launched a barage of bogus conduct reports on him to make it appear he was a problem prisoner. They seem to think that we will be pacified with access to TV, radio and commissary and can be defeated by threats and retaliations. Many here who have never been engaged in constant internal struggle with the administration will not take a committed stand when they fear being poisoned, set-up or written up with trumped up conduct reports. There is a big job ahead of us.


    On 2/05/03, I was told the SHU unit team wanted to see me, and was escorted to their office. They went off into a conversation about welcoming me to this facility, and to discuss my status. Since I had already sent my complaint to the Superintendent, he asked them to address me personally and answer my questions. They advised me that I was sent here on intra-departmental transfer status per central office, to be placed on long-term administmtive segregation, because the SHU offers proper security restrictions to control my movements.

    They had two officers in the room in plain clothes and five other ranking officers standing outside around the door. One of them asked how long I had been on A/S status, then said there is one more unit (at Miami Correctional Facility) that I will no doubt see before my tour of duty on A/S units is complete.
    We discussed cleaning supplies, jump ropes, hand balls, and the guaranteed privileges we are due on this unit. They assured me that by summer they would be up to speed, including new basketballs. They also claimed that the Superintendent has no authority to deal with me, unless word is given to him, a blatant fabrication.

    All of the so-called tough guys they use for goon squad duty made their rounds to see who they were making all the fuss over. I have been professional in my expressions and approach here. But I will not remain calm in the event of DOC sanctioned repression. The struggle is real on this front.


    Much of what I mention next will be available in a widely-disseminated and no doubt familiar pamphlet on the methods of bebavioral control developed at the federal prison in Marion, Illinois. The purpose of SHU units is human experimentation designed to control revolutionary attitudes in the prisoners and as a result in society at large. It is used to silence prison critics, religious leaders, economic and philosophical dissidents.

    In 1962, at a Washington, DC a meeting of social scientists and pisoncrats, one Dr. Edward Schein presented a monograph on brainwashing techniques. He said, "In order to produce marked changes in behavior and attitude, it is necessary to weaken, undermine or remove the supports of patterns of behavior and attitudes."  Because most of these supports are the face to face confirmation of present behavior and attitudes provided by those emotional ties which exist, it is often neccessary to break these emotional ties. This can be done either by removing the individual physically and preventing any communication with those whom he respects and destroying this respect and convincing them they indeed should be actively mistrusted.

    The techniques they use to accomplish these ends are listed in the literature I mentioned above and are widely.available on line. These are all techniques currently being used in prisons throughout the US. We must be creative in resisting these attempts to break us down, destroy our minds and rob us of our spiritual strengths. I'm going to keep fighting and keep refusing to surrender in the face of this repression.


    While I am confronted with many contradictions on this new front, I am yet concerned about the men I left behind at M.C.F., who are also engaged in a battle for the privileges others have access to around this state. We sent out a press release on all these issues, and I believe the central office moved me from M.C.F. in an attempt to disburse the solidarity and shatter outside support. I am requesting that those of you who have helped me on an individual basis and are in rotation with me to find time and energy to assist the remaining men at M.C.F. One can do this by contacting Bro. John C. Cole, Jr. (Balagoon), #14658, cell A4-204, at P.O. Box 557, Westville, IN 46391-0557.

    In conclusion, I hope that the present work will help pave the way for the next generation of prisoners who sit in these A/S cells. The following list is what I have encouraged long term and short term A/S prisoners to stand with me and challenge :

    1. The current restriction against group recreation.
    2. The current restriction against inside recreation.
    3. The current policy of only one twenty minute phone call per week.
    4. Lack of equipment: hand balls, jump ropes, board games.
    5. The denial of johnny mops soap balls and swish brooms to clean cells on our own.
    6. The ten-book limit from property room staff.
    7. Classification status assignments to this unit

    May we all find some level of struggle and fulfillment in this new year. May you all walk in the balance.

In solidarity,

Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun  #874304 
(Leonard McQuay) A2-201 S.H.U. A/S
W.V.C.F. P.O. Box 1111
Carlisle, IN 47838

© Copyright 2003 Khalfani Malik Khaldun

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