John David Wurdemann

Wrongfully Convicted by the Good Old Boys

Hello~ I loved your web site, it was so true and insightful

I have had one hellacious nightmare I am currently dealing with re: "The good Old Boys Network" They set my husband up in a high profile case as he is an Native American Indian, and they needed a fall guy, and did everything in their power to bury my husband alive, charging him with seven heinous felonies from attempted murder and robbery to conspiracy and arson, to 1st degree kidnapping and a few more and was he ever wrongfully convicted!!!  They even scared his own brother into a bogus coerced confession and convinced a jury he did it and got him 4 lifetimes and 55 years for a crime he never even committed. 

He is beside himself with grief and shock, and we had a paid attorney, and he use to head the public defenders, and he took our money and didn't do squat to defend John.  And suppressed evidence that could have cleared John and even John's boss testified he was working and had short policy required hair as a sanitary food welder and had a hand and body inspection and a clean UA just 3 hours after this crime occurred, (as if anyone would have done such a thing and then gone to work at 6:30 am?) and still the jury was convinced like dumb hicks that just fell off a turnip truck ~Hello? 

Listen to the FACTS!  There was no way John could have committed this crime, and he is not Hispanic like the victim said; he is a Catawba Indian with a thick southern accent, doesn't even speak Spanish like she said.  The Detectives used every illegal trick in the book to have her point him out and stuck him in the middle of a bunch of short Hispanic men  since she never saw John she needed help and John is 6 ft 3 inches to help her choose the one they wanted to's all so sickening.  Sure Linda LeBrane got Stabbed 17 times and her car was torched and she was robbed and that was a horrible thing nobody deserves.  But, she lived, and now, she is victimizing an innocent man by naming him, and slandering him on "Americas Most Wanted" and getting him all kinds of bad publicity and got our six children taken away from us and he is afraid he will never be with us again, and it is all because of what you said.

" The Good Old Boys Club" had to ruin some poor man's life for their own sick, twisted evil reasons.  Why can't we do anything?  Please put my husband on your page he has been locked up for 2 years now.  His name is John David Wurdemann.  He is a good man, and was doing time for a 6 month rider for work release, and they took that from him too, all part of the set up.  I thank you for your informative page and my email is

Thanks again, Joy Wurdemann. 

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