I don't  know why he hurt me I was just a little boy
He took away my childhood He took away my joy
I tried to go on living I tried to be a man
I went through all the motions I followed all commands
I  went beyond high school And then became employed
I tried forgetting all the things I went through as a boy
I finally met a girl  I thought would understand
But after my disclosure she laughed and then she ran
There was a fatal shooting I know that I was wrong
but after being raped and mocked I felt my life was gone
I killed and left the country In a panic and confused
always doing good  But always being used
I walked the streets abroad with no money and no food
Then someone else  had seen my confused and saddened mood
She seemed to be so caring understanding and so warm
She understood completely how my life had gone so wrong
She was a single parent who also needed love
And later when we married We felt blessed from GOD above
We were so very happy As everyone could see
Then they finally found me Now I'm no longer free
They made me leave my family my two daughters and my wife
and now I am confined  to a prison cell for life
Please tell  them that I love them even though we are apart
we will  remain  together , Through  our spirits and our hearts

© Copyright 2003 Leonna Ramos

Hi Lee,

My son, John Anthony Diaz, is serving a life without. First-time offense.
I attached a poem that I had written a while back explaining exactly what events led to my son's encarceration.  In addition, how he came to have and love a family which he can no longer be a  part of.  In spite of being raised in a single-parent home, he always tried to achieve in life. Four years of college completed, with an excellent work history and reputation prior the the tragedy.  He lost it all, as a result of severe depression which the Psychiatrist diagnosed  as ' Depressive-Episode with Psychotic Behavior'  leading up to the crime. In the past several  years, he has received no letters other than my own.As a result of losing this family and being given a life sentence without the possibility of parole for a one-time offense, he has given up completely. You see, Lee, my son no longer wants to live.  I have also sent a picture of him with his family who the government has prevented from coming to America.
Thank-you so much, Lee, for helping him with this website.His name and  address is as follows:
Leonna Ramos

If anyone can help John, please contact John at the address below or his mother, Leonna, at .

I hope to have more information soon.


John Anthony Diaz #W62523
Massachusetts Department of Corrections
Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center

PO Box 8000
Shirley, Ma. 01464

Urgent John Diaz

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