Jerome Johnson

A Story of Injustice in IL.



On August 21, 1991, I Jerome Johnson was arrested for 1st degree murder and 2 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm along with George Anderson, (91CR 22460) felony murder doctrine.

 Also charged were Michael Sutton and Anthony Wilson with first degree murder.  They were alleged “Unarmed” Victims along with Steven Crosby and the deceased Jeremiah Miggins.

 Michael Sutton’s trial began on October 12 1994 with the prosecutor alleging he was the aggressor.

 George Anderson’s trial began on November 28, 1994 with the prosecutor alleging he was the aggressor.

 Jerome Johnson’s trial began on June 1, 1995 with the prosecutor alleging he was the aggressor.

 Anthony Wilson accepted a plea for 1st degree murder as a juvenile to testify against the others.

 The prosecutors, who prosecuted each trial separately, before the same judge, knowingly used false evidence, perjured testimony and withheld this exculpatory evidence from the defense.  I only became aware of the fact that this evidence existed in the year 2004.  I have co-defendant George Anderson’s trial transcripts ad affidavits from prior trial and appeal transcripts.

 I, Jerome Johnson filed a petition for relief from judgment on July 19, 2004.  Due to the court not signing my request for a writ of appearance the hearing has not yet to be held.  As of October 14, 2004 the next court date is November 16. 2004.

 The appeals court specifically denied my appeal due to these guys supposedly being “unarmed”.  By Anthony Wilson’s own testimony at George Anderson’s trial, he was armed, he conspired along with Sutton and Crosby to kill George and Jerome when they see us and he admitted that this is the reason they approached our vehicle.

 Trial council had these police reports but didn’t use them.  I had no knowledge of them.  The entire trial was based on who was telling the truth and those guys being “unarmed”.  The statements made to the police or trial transcripts were not used by attorney nor was the testimony corrected by the prosecutor who claim they were not armed.

 I, Jerome Johnson, and George Anderson are serving natural life without parole prison sentences and we are innocent.

 I have no attorney (public or private) and I’m very limited with the law and have no jailhouse assistance.  The only proof I have of my innocence are the records which show my appeal sustained and the records where the alleged victims admit to being armed and coming to kill me.

 I have no support from anyone to assist me in moving forward with this newly discovered evidence.  Would you please assist me with any assistance you may provide?


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