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I am 9 months pregnant and due any day now.  So discomfort puts a damper on my mood.  Other than that I am maintaining.  Excepting the part I played in this helps a lot.  This is my first sober pregnancy.  So it’s been special but at the same time deep and emotional.  

No, the pregnancy wasn’t planned but lack of self control.  After doing 3 years my hormones were extremely sensitive.  So I followed my feelings.  Thank God that all I got was pregnant because as we know the Monster (AIDS) is out there.  Not to sound negative because I have several associates that are infected also.  I’ve been educated on health/sex issues for years now and guess what?  I still put myself at risk but again, thank God for watching over me once again.

Allow me to you some personal info also a description of my appearance.  In the near future I will send a picture.  I am 30 years old, height 5’1”, actual weight 145 lbs, dark brown complexion, well built, medium length jet black hair, long nails, soft hands, deep dark black eyebrows, thick brown lips and tiny ears.  I am the mother of 5 children, this will be the 6th [I love sex (smile)].  This is my second jail sentence up state.

I do feel at times that my soul is lost. I try so hard to do right and I end up at the same nonsense.  So My plans are to relocate this time.  The Mennonites will be caring for my baby until I am released.  At times I am afraid to change residences but deep inside I do feel it would be better.  

The baby’s father is in jail too.  He was very supportive for the first 3 months then I was cut off.  I was very disappointed but not surprised.    I’ve been very much on my own for a majority of my life and broken promises have been the lost promises.  I am pretty much strong but weak.  They go hand in hand.  My choice most of the time is to be weak which is much easier but because my nature is strong I manage to make it though the hard times like a champ.

I’m just beginning to focus as a returned offender.  It has been rough.  My 6th will be January 10th.  In three more months I will be eligible for parole once again.  As of October 27, 2003 they can’t hold me anymore so either way 2003 is a great year for me.  New life – New beginning.

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     New life – New beginning.

                               Jerminda and Junito (DOB 1-3-03, 8:29 A.M.)                 Junito at 4 Months

Junito was born at 8:29 A.M. on January 3, 2003.  I spent 72 hours with him .  My last day was spent with the Menonites who are now caring for him.  I am know confined to my room until Friday.  It is a medical procedure when surgery is done ( a C-Section).  No complaints, things are coming along but I am antsy.  I am a very active person and for 6 weeks I am not allowed to work or attend any activities so I will take this time out for myself.

Jerminda has been released.  Since her release she has not contacted me or Jermont.  We do not know where she is.  We are worried about Jerminda.  

Jerminda, I am praying for you and your safety.  Please contact Jermont  and me and let us know you are alright.  If you need help I am here for you.

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