James Broadnax - Texas Death Row

From JB's Website Solitary Mind

To everyone who may take the time to read this, I'd like to say Thank You for visiting my site. It may not seem to be much, but in the internet age of short attention spans, I truly appreciate the interest you may have taken in getting to know me. No need for formalities, so please, call me J.B. I'm currently writing to you from a would-be concrete tomb inside of Texas's murderous system of Death Row. This placement is, no doubt, the most notably recognized killing institution in the United States. It's insane to even refer to it as an institution. But it is exactly that, in the sense that it has become a custom to torture people. It's unrecognizable to see dehumanization on this level, this magnitude of "blind-tipped-scale" (In)justice. You'll know so much about suffering that you will go through rapid cycles of cruelty and kindness, insight and maniacal blindness; You'll probably go mad, then you'll be sane again. What's more humbling than losing your mind?

Please, don't misunderstand this as a "woe-is-me" pitch. All too often, us prisoners come across as selfish beings. My situation isn't too different from yours. Life itself is a terminal illness. It's just the dynamic between the two -You and I- where I know who's trying to kill me. I'm not looking for pity or sympathy, but (if you're willing), I do need you to understand this struggle of madness. I was unjustly and wrongfully convicted of capital murder for a crime I didn't commit. There's sufficient evidence in my case that speaks to that statement. Since being sentenced to die, I've made myself knowledgeable of the law to be able to fight against this wrongdoing. I've become an activist and advocate to bring awareness to my plight, as well as every Brother and Sister that has found theirself inside this Struggle.

My background isn't important. My situation is not unique. I've had an unfortunate childhood and upbringing like most. I don't see it as an isolated incident. It's only relevant because the prosecution used a lot of it to say I was a savage at 12 years of age...(stale face)...As of fact, I'm not the same person of yesteryear. Everything changes. Being confined to a cage no bigger than a half-bathroom will definitely change you. Will, or would it be positive or negative for you? How would you reason with your sanity to push forward? What limit would you strive for to place value on your life? That may be an odd statement to you, but what do you call it when you make someone walk to their own death? "Solitary Mind" is about strength and overcoming; a will to live. I'm only one man against many. I'm asking for your support in this fight for my life. If you hear me...see me. If you see me...touch me. Let life live.

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James Broadnax #999549
Polunsky Unit D/R
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, TX 77351-8580

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