James Phillip Anderson

    The political agendas and careers of many judges, prosecutors and lawyers (usually incompetent public defenders or state appointed), combined with racisim and economics are the reasons and rsults for many "people of color" having been arrested, convicted and sentenced to California's death row, ( and death rows accross the United States of america).  It would surprise, amaze and shock the majority of the general public, just how unjust the justice systen is(A.K.A. "Just-Us Cyst-Em , because we are removed from society as a doctor removes a cyst from a patient.) and i t gets worse with the passage of time and new laws, BUT IT'S THE SYSTEM THAT IS THE REAL CYST.

    But then, you only need a decent comprehension of the English language and read the United States  Constitution as it was drafted and signed in 1787 (article 1, sections 2 and 8).  These are the legal amenities for white society (laws), and with any knowledge about the history of slavery in the U.S., you will clearly see that these amenities are still in full effect. It's also the reason that we were banned from reading since the time of the first slave ships, (the theory being, "keep them dumb and they will never overcome.") combine this with induced self-hatred by consistantly promoting negative images and eliminating their true history from the history books, etc., etc., etc.  The theory being, "keep them dumb and they will never overcome" - - - the reality is that it worked - - - and is still working!!!

    Since the 1970's there have been several television documentary programs that have exposed the truth about the actions of the Unitied States  Government ("60 Minutes", "20/20", "48 Hours", "Tony Browns Journal" and many PBS programs). And most recently, "The West Wing", "The Distreic", "Alias" and "The X Files" are excellent examples of "made for T.V." drama seroes tjat document the realities of just how corrupt and racist the system remains.  Of course, there's also the lyrics of music, "Ball of Confusion",(The Temptations), "A Real Mother for Ya" and "Ain't that a Bitch", (Johnny "Guitar" Watson), "Cicio", (Gearge Clinton) and rap titled "Kiss My Ass", (unknown artist) and more that reflect the realities of the "Just-Us Cystem".  You will find several insightful resources at the end of this article which I strongly suggest you take a moment to review.

    As to the conditions here on San Quentin's death row, it may surprise you to know that the racism, corruption , etc.that's seen and experienced in the so called "Free World" is multiplied by ten (10)...as wekkas the stupidity by both the guards and the prisoners.  Guards steal and or destroy prisoners' personal property (radios, T.V.'s, typewriters, photographs) and  issue  completely unwarranted disciplinary reports on prisoners, set up prisoners to attack, snitch and lie on one another, (divide and conquer),,,and laugh at the results.

But what has continued to amaze me (and a few other solid brothers)  is the fact the brothers don't take the time to "school" tge newly arrived youngsters about how this "game' is played and to avoid it (as much as possible) by avoiding rumors, bullshit, egos and self-destructive behavior.  The egos present themselves as being "A real, well informed, pro-black, unity and I got yur back" brother,  But the reality is they are simply looking for a " new follower", (a flunkie), to use for a number of reasons or excuses.  Fortunately, there are a "few" youngsters who have wisdom beyond their years and during a brief conversation with one recently, he ended the conversation simply saying "WISDOM CAN NEVER BE DECEIVED BY KNOWLEDGE."  (R. Booker a.k.a. Baby Rock)

I will also use the words of one of the few politically away and well informed brothers here who has been wrongly convicted, (Glen Cornell),  "This government has done and continues to "DO" all of these illegal and immoral acts against humanity here in the United States and globally...but if I even TALK about these matters, I'm labeled anti-American and racist!".  What a profound truth!

By: James Phillip Anderson
San Quentin Prison
P.O. Box C-11400, 4EY-50
San Quentin, CA 94974
© Copyright: November 10th, 2001

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