Ish’od Gi’hon, formerly known as 

Ian Deco Lightbourne

The World Council: United For Change….

Dear Friends,

There are things in life which are inevitable!  Things that are divine in nature, and we don’t have the Power to change them.  For instance: the sun will rise and set, the moon will cast a romantic glow, The tide will flow in and out, the seasons will change, and the birds will fly south for the winter and return. In the spring, the caterpillar will transform itself into an amazing butterfly, and the beautiful New York Bliss will be Queen of Yah Nation.

But there are other things in life, which are also inevitable!  Things that are not divine in nature, and we Do have the power change them.  For instance: Discrimination, racism, bigotry, injustice, inequality, oppression, abuse in prison, police brutality, and the executing of the innocent, to name a few.  I understand the nature of these things because I have had to face them continuously, every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year, for the past 21 years.

During that time, I have come to learn and understand that these things are not divinely inspired. Rather, they simply reflect the nature of the beast that was adopted by humans. In other words, these are among the evil devices employed by Satan-the great beast-to divide, conquer, and ultimately destroy humanity. As a result; man in his treatment and relation to man has become Ungodly, unmerciful and unjust.

In 1981, for example, I was framed, railroaded and sentenced to death for a crime I did not commit! I had no public support, no political influence, and no wealth, the three prerequisites to avoid coming to death row. Over 21 years, my claims of innocence and pleas for mercy and justice from the courts and average citizens were met with contempt and disbelief. On the other hand, the average citizen simply doesn’t want there “hard earn tax dollars being spent to defend criminals”.

On the other hand, the number one problem is, however, the false perception that you are not a Criminal until you have been convicted of a crime (read: Guilty until proven innocent). By the same Token; appellate courts are for the most part, limited to reviewing only what’s in the record from the trial unless you can meet the criterion for presenting “newly discovered evidence” after Trial which is even more difficult; time consuming and expensive undertaking, to say the least. Whereas, 95 percent of the men, women and kids who end up on death row, do so simply because There was no public demand for a fair trial (Read: A presumption of guilty upon arrest), no political Pressure on elected officials-judges, prosecutors and sheriffs-to play by the rules, and no wealth To purchase the opportunity to fully tell their side of the story-the facts favorable to their defense. Consequently, not only are they denied a fair trial, but they are also denied a fair review on Appeal because the record the courts rely upon is incomplete.  Due to the fact that it tells a one Sided story the state’s side; as manipulated, falsified, manufactured and developed by the Unrestrained and discriminatory actions of unscrupulous prosecutors and investigators. Based Upon their own personal, financial and professional ambitions; as opposed to the interest of Justice, fundamental fairness and equality!

My name is Ish’od Gi’hon, formerly known as (FKA) Ian Deco Lightbourne, and I am a 42-year Old “Lay Lawyer”, also known as (AKA) Jailhouse Lawyer. Like many people; I used to be nave about the criminal justice system. I was blind to the business and to the politics of it.  In short, It is a multi-trillion dollar conglomeration owned and operated by the states and federal government (the haves) and financed by the poor and middle class taxpayers (the have nots).  Unfortunately, I did not wake up to this truth and reality until I awoke one day to find myself Trapped in a menagerie, like a wild animal on display for the scornful stare and amusement of The arrogant, disdainful, hostile, antagonizing, vindictive and malicious, hypocrites and parasites, That regulates and dehumanizes my entire existence!

I held the delusion that justice was blind, and free, and guaranteed to everyone without regard To race, colour, religion, gender nationality, handicap, wealth or social standing.  Then, I realized That, Lady Justice is actually a peeping tom, watching everything especially the colour of our Skin and the size of our bank account.  In other words, the business of administering justice has become a salable commodity, whereas, the amount you receive is determined by how much you can afford to spend.  To coin a phrase: “you get what you pay for”. For instance: in theory, the Fees an attorney is paid, and the resources he has at his disposal, should not determine the Quality and extent of the representation his or her client receives.  But in reality, and in Practicality, it does.

For example, during my trial, the State Attorney’s Office – a government funded agency – Produced a great deal of highly technical and scientific evidence, and a total of 32 witnesses, Including the family and friends of the victim, numerous law enforcement officers, and various  Forensics experts in the fields of ballistics, serology, pathology and microbiology to make there Case.  On the other side, I was represented by a public defenders office – the other Government Funded agency.  In stark contrast, there were no scientific or other documentary evidence, no Witnesses, and no experts producing to counter the state’s case, and tell my side of the story. In actuality, there was no defense presented. So who is an all white southern jury, which is already prejudiced by the deceitful tactics of the Prosecutors (read: deliberately using false and misleading testimony and intentionally withholding Material exculpatory evidence), and inflamed by the graphic and sensational testimonies of jailhouse
Informants, going to believe?  The poor black kid from a tiny island in the Bahamas (a nobody), who Has been accused of the “heinous, atrocious and cruel, cold, calculated and premeditated, Execution style murder of a wealthy and prominent white lady, during the commission of a felony, For pecuniary gain, and to avoid lawful arrest”. Whose only evidence and defense is a claim of innocence Or the skillful team of (4) veteran prosecutors and all their tricks, witnesses, Evidence and experts?  Not to mention a bias and racist judge!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the flaw in the equation!  While the State Attorney’s Office was free to spend five million dollars to prosecute me, the Public Defender’s Office could barely afford five thousand dollars to defend me.  Thus, the uncommon denominator is simply a matter of funds.  And having no funds to put on an adequate defense meant, as the expression Goes, I was “up s__t creak with out a paddle”.  By the same token, deceptively, the constitutions of The United States, and the State of Florida, respectively, supposedly, guarantee me the right to have the assistance of an attorney in preparation and presenting my legal defense.  In every language, what that really means, is I have a responsibility to assist my attorney in preparing and presenting my legal defense, financially and otherwise. (Read:  Financial and psychological assets!  First, “If you cannot afford an attorney; one would be appointed to “Represent you”, and second A psychological
Evaluation to determine whether you’re competent “to assist your attorney” in preparing and presenting your defense.

As it stands now, I am still being represented by yet another government funded agency – one of the three offices of the capital collateral regional counsel (CCRC) – two of which are headed by former (?) State Prosecutors (Read: Sleeping with the enemy) hand picked and approved by the Governor and the Cabinet.  The merchants of death, lies and deception.  Ironically, the last month (May 2002) I Learned from another source that another Lead Attorney on my case had either quit or was fired from CCRC – South.  As a consequence, my second chair Attorney had to assume the responsibility of Becoming my new Lead Attorney, and the Florida Supreme Court had to reschedule Oral arguments in my case for October 7th, 2002.  To allow her ample time to prepare.  Furthermore, she now has the Added burden of taking on several other cases, due to his departure.  Notwithstanding her brilliance, Experience, competence and dedication, however, the disparity now is even greater!  For example: She’s immediately overworked and grossly underpaid, and CCRC-South simply doesn’t have the
Funding to commit the amount and type of resources that is needed to properly investigate and substantiate my claims of Actual Innocence of the Crimes.

While the Office of Attorney General of Florida, yet another government funded agency, that’s currently prosecuting me, has unlimited assets and resources at its disposal.  So, that in the end! To assist my attorney in proving my innocence and winning my freedom; I have decided to assemble my own defense team, called: The Lay Lawyer’s Club, or TLLC.  The Lay Lawyer’s Club is designed to be an association of legal, medical, scientific, media, entertainment and other professionals, experts and Laymen alike, from the world over.  The purpose of the TLLC, initially, is to raise funds and accumulate Assets in order to retain the services and resources of various experts, professionals and laymen to assist in the preparation and presentation of my legal defense.

Subsequently; the secondary purpose of The Lay Lawyer’s Club is to contest discrimination, racism, Bigotry, poverty, injustice, inequality, oppression, police brutality, abuse of prisoners, capital Punishment and the like.  Wherever they may be found, on behalf of TLLC members and all people Possible.  Obviously, I can’t do this alone, or without the generosity of your support.  I am not asking for a hand out, but rather a helping hand in order to get established in this endeavor to prove my
Innocence.  Fortunately, all thanks and praise to YAHWEH-GOD ALMIGHTY- I experienced a life Changing miracle.  That is, I recently discovered the existence and whereabouts of the single most important piece of exculpatory evidence that can and would have exonerated me at trial, beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt.

What this evidence unquestionably proves is, at the exact time of the alleged crimes, I was miles Away from the crime scene, and in the actual custody and control of five to seven law enforcement Officers.  This evidence, which overwhelmingly proves my actual innocence of the crimes, was intentionally withheld by the State Prosecutors.  In addition, upon discovering the nature of this Evidence, I also realize that there are at least three (3) known independent eyewitnesses to the Incident in question.  My number one priority now is locating these eyewitnesses and obtaining sworn affidavits from them.  Thereafter, I can petition the courts for a hearing to consider this new evidence and overturn my conviction and sentence.  Furthermore, once these eyewitness Are located, it may be necessary to file a Civil Action to have them placed in temporary Federal
Witness Protection, until they can give their testimony at the hearing.

To accomplish this, I will need to retain the services of an investigator to locate these Witnesses, a notary public to certify their affidavits, and an attorney to file the Witness Protection Action.  I would also like to establish an official website for TLLC, to enable my friends and Supporters to remain informed, active and vocal on a daily basis.  Currently, I also developing an elaborate advertising campaign to vigorously promote the site all over the world, once it is up and running.  The goal is to affect maximum exposure and attract a million or more viewer to the Site within a few months.

Inevitably, the website will feature a segment called: “The World Council”.  Which is an online, Interactive, global discussion between a multiracial committee of TLLC members and the World at large.    In another feature called: “Celebrity Profiles”, individual TLLC members from the entertainment industry may promote their upcoming projects or offer their views on the
various social issues of the day.  Individual layman, sole practitioners and small business Members may also have their likenesses, professional or business profiled, and large organizations Members may qualify for corporate advertising at substantially low comparative rates.

I truly believe that through this association of individuals, organizations, ideals and objectives, we Will all prosper, professionally, financially, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically as Humans; having perfected positive and meaningful change through our collective efforts.  It is truly gratifying, humbling, ennobling and spiritually uplifting to experience the heart warming impact a Simple e-mail from a fellow member can have in our daily lives.  The joy it produces, traveling around the world to comfort the downtrodden and brokenhearted, returning to the sender a sense of Accomplishment, a feeling of purpose ad fulfillment, and of belonging to something admirable and worthwhile.  Something far greater than individual selves; something divine!

Through your membership in TLLC, you can possibly connect with a lifelong friend, establish a new business relationship with other members all over the world, or simply develop an intimate Relationship with that special someone. Membership in TLLC means having access to individuals that you might not have otherwise had.  Simply put, membership in TLLC can be a gateway to a World of unique opportunities, with the potential for unlimited possibilities for personal growth, Advancement and improvement and financial empowerment.

For once we are aware of the distresses of others and the magical ripple effects our solitary actions can produce throughout the world in pain around us, we understand the need and our duty to unite for change.  There is a great deal of hatred, injustice, inequality, abuse and suffering throughout the World, especially in the criminal justice and in the prison systems, and it is only through our combined Voices and efforts that we will be able to force an end to these heinous atrocities and barbarities and Reclaim our divine nature.  Our forfeited Godliness!

What I need now, more than ever before, is for my family, friends, supporters, humanitarians, Civil libertarians, religious leaders, advocacies for justice and equality and all concerned citizens, Governments and organizations from all over the world, to unite with me, to express their outrage And be heard, as I desperately and urgently need your help to expose and rectify this gross miscarriage of justice, and to effect positive, needed changes.  I need you all to be there for me, Steadfast and fortified in prayer, faith and vigilance, to check on me from time to time in order to protect me from harm and abuse.

To encourage me to remain spiritually strong, physically healthy and mentally sound throughout my long and overwhelming journey through this valley of the shadow of death.  I need your wisdom, Knowledge, advice and guidance, your friendship, empathy, love and compassion, to inspire, Enlighten and bless me too!  Above all, I need your generous financial support.  The laws and prison Regulations do not allow me to work or to earn a living or otherwise “profit from my crimes”. In Actuality, what that means is that anyone and everyone can earn a salary (judges, prosecutors, Lawyers) or make money (authors, movie producers, etc.) from my story – that is benefit from My misfortune, pain and suffering – except my family and me.

In other words, I can’t “earn” money to provide for my family, or to mount an adequate legal Defense against the ill will and unlawful actions of the non-law abiding crooks, who framed, falsely prosecuted and condemned me for crimes I did not commit.  But, everyone else can “profit from my crimes”.  That is the nature of the business and politics of the criminal justice
system.  That is, having the power and the authority to regulate the lives of others in a discriminatory manner.  That is the ungodly, unmerciful and the unjust state of man. That is the nature of the beast!  Please give me a chance to enhance the quality of your life, and help you to become the marvelous and magnificent individual you were created to be!

Because demonstrating the capacity and the willingness to show love, mercy and equality to someone in my situation, regardless of innocence or guilt, is a true reflection of the divineness, Or YAHWEH’S spiritual likeness within us which is the perfection of the power to effect Change!   So please join today by simply completing the enclosed membership application
Form and mailing the membership dues, to me at the address given, and help TLLC to help those who need it most, the aged men and women, children and minorities.  The poor, the Elderly, the disadvantaged, the condemned!

Thanking you in advance for the opportunity and the honor of becoming one with you through your membership in The Lay Lawyer’s Club.  The World Council: United For Change!

Sincerely yours,
The Lay Lawyer’s Club

ISH’OD   GI ‘ HON                                    address all letters to:
                                                                  Ian Deco Lightbourne
President                                                   # 078081  Union Corr. Inst.
                                                                  7819 NW  228th Street
IDL/kat                                                       Raiford, FL   32026     USA
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