Was an Innocent Person Executed?

A memorial for all innocent persons executed.

When an innocent person is executed only their body dies.  They are their soul and the soul lives on.  If your loved one has been murdered by the state and if they were innocent they will be in your heart and when you are down look into your heart and they will be there for you. 

When you are unsure about life and suddenly there is an answer it is probably from them. Love conquers all even death.  I hope and pray that the innocence of those who are killed is proven so that the people with any heart at all will help in the fight to abolish the death penalty. 

Those who did the crime and have realized the wrong they have done and have thrown out the evil within them along those who did the kill another and had good reason for doing it (Self defense and protecting their family for example) will also live on.  

They all will be missed by their loved ones but they will be with their loved ones who open their hearts to them.

Death is not final.  Those who are innocent and who who are guilty but have changed for the better will have an everlasting life of joy.

The fact remains that someone's life was taken without good reason.  If the person is in prison for life they are no longer a threat to society but if they are innocent the real killer is out there and still a threat to society.  Proof of innocence does not do a dead man any good but it may save another mans life.

Hopefully our legal system will learn from its mistakes.

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