Inmates Are People Too

The prison inmates are humans just like you and I.  Some are good people and some are bad people.  Many are in prisons because of drugs (selling, using, stealing to get money for drugs, murder while committing a robbery, murder during a drug buy that went bad.)  If these people were not on drugs would they be in prison?  Probably not.  Is the fact of their addiction an excuse for their crime?  No.  

Another reason for going to prison is the need to survive.  Poverty drives some people to crime in order to feed tehir families.

Some turn to crime because the like it.  I would imagine most bank robbers rob banks because they like to.  Sure they are looking for big money but to many it is the rush of the power they feel.  The gun makes them feel big and powerful.

Then you have people that are just down right evil.

There are also 10% or more that have not committed a crime but were too poor to afford a competent or sober attorny.  These people become  victims of what I call the  good old boy network.  This is where the prosecutor decides that they want the inmate in jail so they frame them  for a crime they did not commit.  The attorney and in many cases the judge  are all a part of the good old boys network that also includes the cops and prosecutor.  Some times the wone who committed the crime is involved in the frame.  They will plant someone in the cell with their victim who will lie on the witness stand using the script supplied by the prosecutor.  The attorney will know what is happening but do nothing about it and may even be too drunk to do anything anyway.

Prison changes those who go in.  There is a lot of time to reflect on their lives and their reasons for being there.

© Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

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