Harry Bout

Innocent Netherlands Citizen Convicted of Murder In Michigan

I am truly innocent and I have been made to suffer horribly all of these years.  It's torture beyond description like a continuing nightmare that you can't wake up from it.

Those corrupt criminals abused their powers of the state to commit the crime of kidnapping me  and robbing me of all I had, even my hopes and dreams and relying on their system to keep me helpless, locked away where they can deprive me of even the means to fight to try to expose them.  They have locked up my prison account to limit even my outgoing mail.  Since then they have isolated me on what they call "room restriction" during business hours to prevent me from calling my lawyer or consulate.  THe prison phone system already prevents me from being able to place a call a collect call to my attorney in the Netherlands because the MDOC phone system only permits calls within the US and Canada.

Back in March the MDOC deprived me of all my legal materials by taking my word processor and disks.
First they sabotaged it and then they used the excuse that it wasn't in working order to take it.  The Dutch consulate picked it up for safe keeping and I recently received a letter from the court monitor in the Cain vs MDOC case that something may be done about this yet.  I just pray that somehow they allow the word processor and disks to come back in.  All of my legal efforts came to a halt when they deprived me of my legal material which are all on disk.

This is Lee.  I have read Harry's letter to me which the above is a part of and I have looked at the following web sites.  I firmly believe that is innocent of the crime he was convicted of.  Look at the other sites and I am sure that you will agree.

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