George Mullenix

A victim of the Louisiana Injustice System

My world is really messed up right now and I need help.  I need a lawyer,  need a friend, I need a woman,  I need money, I need everything and I ain’t going to play no games with you for all I can be is real.   I have a story for you to put on the web page.  The photo is ten years old and I am looking different but it’s the only photo I have.  I will include my case and prison life in this. 

But there is more.  I’ll hold back for now and we’ll cover later.  Dixie Mafia was termed up so state government could receive federal funds, long story and could be a book for you to write.  93 million dollars a year comes to Angola to run this prison plus all the money they make in prison enterprises  here.  18,000 acres of plantation, cotton, soy beans, wheat and other crops.  horses, cattle, prison industry, license tag plant, metal fabricating plant all kinds of money making things done with forced prison labor and they are not paid for it.  Corruption says it all.  Slaves says it all other wise.  90% of the people here will die here because of life sentences.  The story is endless and once one of the bloodiest prisons in the U.S.A. is now not only the largest but the most corrupt prison. 

I am at the end of the road for sure.  I want to reach out to people around the world.  And I need real friends.  Pass my name and address if you can.  My doc number is 104073.  Everything but the doc number had right on me.  For those that seek change and struggle to do so, prevails in their self given missions.  Keep it real and then you can say in the end you were one of the best.  I look forward to hearing from you and let me know how I can help and what you need in information from me.


Prison Hell

Angola is the largest prison in the U.S.A. and once was the bloodiest.  From 1994 to now it’s been a living hell for me.  For a crime I did not commit I am doing a life sentence here until the day I die. 

Here is a small part of the prison suffering and hell I have been through.   I had double hernia surgery performed on me  and was forced to walk and climb up into a transport van.  I fell down getting into the van because of the pain from a hernia repair and I was still under the anesthetic .  I was back into the field being worked like a slave less than six weeks later and it took about a year and a half to get back to the hospital for hernia repair.  The pain and suffering you couldn’t believe. 

After the last surgery I was put back in the field to do hard labor less than five weeks after the surgery with 17 staples holding the cut together.  The work tore a tore a number of staples and caused bleeding with pain out of this world.  I filed ARP which we have to do before going to the courts.  Almost two years has past and administration still has not answered it. 

I made it to a job out of the field only to have it taken and placed in a plant because they needed to fill an order for 1 million license plates.  It costs less than $2.00 to make a tag with free labor but they are sold for over $30.00 each.  Angola makes tags for this state and other countries as well. 

Because I could not breath air, due to forced being forced to work with toxic paint thinner chemicals without protective hear I was sent to the hospital on medical emergency while trying to get through a security gate going to hospital, a guard held me up cussing me and finally  pushing security beeper. 

I was beaten in restraints by security and sent to extended lock down  camp placed in cell, and sprayed with endless  cans of gas.  For a person that can hardly breath to start with due to unlawful chemical infections that gas spraying is nothing nice.  The program here is for six months and law requires if a person doesn’t get DB reports they are to be taken from extended lock down I am going on 2 years here in camp J and at each review board when I show I have no DB reports they use reason for original lock down which is unlawful. 

Harassment and much more here goes on endlessly where I am.  I try to write in hopes of finding a friend on the outside to love and care about.  I try to find legal help to get out of prison.  All I find is hell here and nothing but endless struggle.  I walk forward with determination in hopes heaven is ahead because hell is every day and I gotta have a better way. 

Why does it cost 67 cents a pound for farm vegetable to feed prisoner here when we grown our own vegetables with free slave labor?  Why do we have to eat trash when 93 million dollars is given to run this prison from taxpayers, not excluding  18,000 acres of prime farm land producing cattle, horses, cotton, wheat, vegetables prison industry, license tag plant, metal fabricating plant, auto and much more?  

Never  believe that modern slavery doesn't exist.  They still pick cotton here by hand and plantation work is like it was over a hundred years ago.  They even plow the fields with mules still and they work us all of our lives.  We have a horse drawn hearse to ride to the graveyard in.  

There is a community of free folks that lived here for generations on this plantation that gets free housing, electric, water and much more.  They run the prison and you would not believe what they do  and how they treat the prisoners.  The guard that got me in extended lockdown is a relative of one of the wardens here so you can imagine what is happening to me.  

Angola is a living hell!   Who cares?  Do you?   Every high official in the state capital plays a part here.  Go against Angola and you better know what you are doing.  

I may die in prison for a crime I had nothing to do with but I'll always care and love all you in the free world.  So for me "Keep on rocking in the free world."


On January 8, 1993 I was taken by the local police to the court house where I was held for over six hours not knowing why I was being forcefully held.  Then I was arrested for 1st degree murder of a friend of mine.  Not only was I shocked to be arrested, but of a friend of mine literally blew my mind.  I was moved to another jail for projection and all the while I was think this can’t be happening.  It’s a bad dream.  Then I started to think the person responsible for the murder would get caught and I would be released.  My girlfriend’s family and friends asked why did I do it and I told them I did not do the crime but nobody believed me.  I see now that nobody cares I am in prison for the rest of my life for someone else’s crime.  What’s so cold is the lady that was murdered, her husband killed his first two wives for insurance money, but nothing was ever done.

My lawyer played games and said the state wasn’t paying him hardly anything.  I say I could not get any help or justice and faced death row.  So I escaped only to be caught and beaten.  Then it was time to go to trial.  Before the trial I took a DNA test that had results better than O.J. Simpson’s test, but when I said in court that there is only one chance in 17,000 on DNA I am guilty I was told by the district attorney “we don’t want to talk of it” and was physically removed from the court room. 

Then at the last minute the lawyer told me he can’t win the case so plead guilty for a natural life sentence under a statue that guilty pleas are not an admit ion of guilt, either that or death row.  So I plead guilty and when the judge asked me if there were any threats made I said yes, but he still took the plea and I clearly stated there was no justice in this court room because if there was there would be a different circumstances.  My biggest mistake was to take the plea bargain.  But I thought eventually the guilty party would be caught and I would be released.  As you see it never happened. 

So I was forced to use inmate lawyers to file post conviction writs to the courts the  inmate lawyer system here is a joke.  They only got me barred from the court because they took too long to file writ.  The supreme court just recently denied me under 930.8 and the first judge to sign denied the   writ was in fact a judge I went before on the escape charges.  He said in court he had no respect for a writ put into his court room by a jail house lawyer.  That was when he was a district judge.  Now he is on the LA supreme court. 

So how can I get out of this wrongful conviction with a jail house lawyer that doesn’t know much and the unjust judicial system?  I can’t afford a lawyer, I don’t have friends or family, I don’t have nothing but a natural life sentence and can’t find the people I need to help.  Some where in this world there is someone that will help me.  I just have to find them is all.  Do you care?  Will you help me?  I need a friend and help. 

I need my freedom and I want to change the unjust system.  Because in America it’s not the land of free anymore.  It s the land of corruption and injustice that people are forced to live under.  They police this nation and are new trying (and doing) to police the world.  It’s the rich that matters and poor have to accept what they get because if I could afford a lawyer I’d never be here.  and I refuse to do the rest of my life here for something I did not do.  I desperately need your help.  Would you please help me?

Because I need money to buy the things I need here and attempt to raise money for legal aid, I put grant research and other into two projects.  One was on how mosquitoes transmit west nile disease that killed almost 300 people here in the U.S. last year and infected 430,000.  This west nile is getting worse each year.  This state and others cannot afford mosquito control and federal funds aren’t coming in.  My study research and experiments brought me to mosquito bite prevention.  There is a product on the market that will prevent mosquitoes from biting people and it is very good and also needed health wise.  But nobody knows this product can prevent mosquito bites.  The discovery was made years ago by a doctor but it was overlooked because they were looking for something else.  I wrote countless people from Mosquito control boards to Health Departments.  No one has ever even responded.  This could be worth millions or even billions to pharmaceutical companies. But I can’t find anyone interested.  No one listens to prisoners.

The second project is about how eggs help a person live longer because they contain HDL.  The heart Association in 1945 claimed eggs are harmful because of cholesterol.  But its untrue and years later facts show this.  Eggs are full of a number of healthful things which help people to live 8 to 9 years longer.

If I could get help convincing egg companies of this and advertise this, then egg companies could make millions more in sales.  And I could get help desperately needed money.  But I need help on both of these projects.  Are you interested?

© Copyright 2003  George R. Mullenix

"Why?“ by George Mullenix


Can you even define this 3 letter word “why”?

WHY do lawyers eat, drink and party with each other?

WHY do lawyers go on to be judges, lawyers for court and prosecutors?

WHY am I in prison for a crime I didn’t do?

WHY am I unlawfully convicted and sentenced to the rest of my life in prison?

WHY don’t court appointed lawyers do their job in Louisiana?

WHY can’t I have freedom from this unjust system?

WHY does the politicians write laws, but the court not follow them?

WHY make a law, if court doesn’t up hold it?

WHY did my court prosecutor tell me to write a book, when I am not guilty of this crime?

WHY did my court appointed lawyer say the State was not paying him enough to fight my case?

WHY is the lawyer dead today?

WHY did the judge accept a plea, when I clearly stated threats were made for reason for plea?

WHY do my court transcripts say, I cannot get justice in the State of Louisiana or this court room?

WHY does a judge proceed in court, when law states, he cannnot, if there is not a lawful indictment?

WHY can’t I get crime lab results for defense?


…..Because I am a victim of the Louisiana unjust system…..

© Copyright 2003 George Mullenix

George R. Mullenix #104073
Camp H  Gar 2-L-3
LA State Prison
Angola, LA 70712

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