I have decided to write this book to tell those who are thinking about a life of crime what they are in for.  The information in this book is based on interviews and research on the world wide web.  It is based on what convicts and guards say.  It is based on court cases and events as recorded by the authorities and media.

I am not going to preach to the reader and I am not going to tell the reader what is good or what is bad.   I am presenting the information to the reader so that the reader can decide what the feel about it.  I hope that if you are thinking about doing a crime that you will be able to do the time.

I am going to talk about the death penalty and life on death row.  I am going to give you information about some on death row who just may be innocent.  If you go to my web site for the book you will see many inmate sites there will also be a list at the end of the book.  If you believe them you may want to help.

I spent a week and a half in jail.  I was looking at the possibility of  two to four years in prison.  I was close to fifty at the time and I used my time in jail to get to know those in my cell.  It was an experience that I will never forget.  I made the  best of it and because of my age it was easier on me than it would be for a younger person.   Prison is not a place I want to live.

I was lucky, you may not be so lucky.

If you are looking at a life of crime for a career, read this book first.  I hope it will change your mind.

When you get out of prison (if you get out alive.)  life will not be easy.  It will be hard to find a job because of your record.   If your lucky you may find a support group that will help you.  If you just got out the web site has  links to places for to places help.  There will also be a list at the end of the book.

If you are an ex con or will soon get out of prison there is help for you.  If you have a drug or alcohol problem there are places to go.  We have the links on the net and there will be a list at the end of the book.

It is my goal not only to help people decide not to commit the crime but also to help those who did commit the crimes find a life that will help keep them from going back to the criminal life.

The stories, essays and letters on these pages that were contributed by others are retyped as written.  I have not changed any words so if you do not like certain words do not yell at me.  I am not responsible for the content or the language. All of them are subject to copyright laws and can not be reproduced without the permission of the authors of the pages.

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